Computer manufacturer Acer's latest release may look like a smartphone but it is, in fact, a tiny projector that allows for the displaying of presentations and pictures in any location.

The C20 pico projector measures just 119 x 60.8 x 18.6 millimetres and can connect to laptops, mobile phones or camcorders to project their contents on to any suitable surface. And while its size may be tiny, it can still display images up to 1,280 by 800 in resolution and give a 2,000:1 contrast ratio.

The company - which has established a niche for itself in the affordable laptop market - is aiming the projector squarely at the consumer market, saying that is can be used to share videos and photos and is "like having a portable cinema in your pocket".

Its connectivity, however - which includes HDMI and USP inputs - should also make it an attractive option for any travelling executive who needs to make presentations to small audiences. It runs on DLP technology and has an LED lamp to enable optimum quality from such a small form. Images can range in size from 13 centimetres up to 168 centimetres with 20 ANSI lumens of brightness.

The storage capacity can be enhanced through using the SDHC card slot and the model can be powered either by a 1410mAh lithium-ion battery or through a 5V mains adapter.