Acer has revealed, at the CeBit, that it is to release a new model of pico projector – the K11. The new model looks to be a huge upgrade on Acer's K10 pico, with many added features and more power.

The K11 comes with 200 ANSI lumens, which is double the light power of the K10. It also has an integrated USB and SDHC card reader as well as a HDMI port. These all boost its connectivity and memory power far beyond that of the K10.

The K11 is a true pico projector as it weighs only 1.61kg and measures a tiny 122x116mm. Its projector lamp is a high quality LED lamp that should be good for at least 2,000 hours of usage.
Not only is this projector small and powerful, it also comes complete with ColorSafe and DLP technology.

The only problems testers identified with the previous K10 model was the limited display size. But Acer has realised this error and rectified it for this new model. Acer has done this by ensuring the K11 pipes content through many display ratios, including the 16.9 and 4.3 formats that are popular for use with movies.