Acer’s brand new C120 pico projector has been designed specifically – and exclusively – for use with computers.

While many other pico-projectors cram as many connectivity options as possible into them, the C120 is a basic offering with just a USB port, supplementing the quantity of connectivity offerings with quality of image and brightness.

The tiny projector is considerably brighter and easier to set up than some of its rival budget pico projectors. The LED-based DLP projector has native WVGA resolution (854 by 480) and its 100 lumen brightness puts it among the elite ranks of projectors of its size.

The projector is small enough to fit in a standard trouser pocked, and weighs just six ounces. The C120 can be powered via an external power pack or simply through the USB connection through the computer to which it is connected, although powering it through the USB connection does lead to a dimming of the brightness.

The projector’s focus wheel is conveniently located next to the lens, as opposed to on top of it, and the projector comes in a sleek black casing. It is also capable of throwing an image of as big as six feet diagonally, from a distance of eight feet away.