Acer has expanded its commercial portfolio recently, adding new short throw projectors.

S1213Hne and S1212 projectors are designed to offer enhanced network control and be very convenient and flexible. They are particularly beneficial In business or education settings where space is at a premium, Acer states, because the projectors offer a very large picture projection even in small rooms.

The highlight for commercial settings is that even when the projector is placed close to the projection screen, large images display clearly and the issue of shadow casting is minimised. 3,000 lumens and Dynamic Black Technology enhancement means that images are bright with good contrast. XGA resolution further enhances crispness and sharpness, even for fine details. In addition, the wide range of digital connectivity options the projectors offer mean they are a very flexible choice.

A spokesperson for Acer said: “The HDMI/MHL port receives uncompressed digital signals and multi-channel audio for easy connectivity to sources of high-definition presentations and entertainment. With two sets of D-Sub and Audio connectors, users can connect to two PCs for more connectivity and instant switching. With the additional bonus of a mini-USB port users can enjoy and share a variety of multimedia content.”