Projector brand Acer has announced the release of its new range of high resolution premium projectors, the professional Acer P7 Series, which are ideal for use in a corporate environments thanks to their consistent image quality, even during prolonged use.

Each of the new devices come with Full HD, wide format WUXGA resolution, to ensure ideal viewing for both small and large room applications, and 5,000 lumens of colour brightness.

The projectors also come with a multimedia plug-n-play feature, making them well suited for home cinema users and gamers wanting a simple yet effective device to use in their living rooms.

Each of the projectors in the Acer P-series range are integrated with multiple IO interfaces and all of them are compatible with a wide range of industrial standard devices.

The P7 series come with additional features including the Acer ColorBoost II+ which boasts an optimised 6-segment colour-wheel design along with powerful image processing and advanced lamp illumination technology.

Another noteworthy feature is the Acer ColorSafe II technology, which ensures that colour decay is eliminated and also takes advantage of DLP technology in order to ensure picture integrity every time the device is used, in a range of conditions.