As a sub-£600, ‘3D-ready’ projector, the Acer H5360 is an exciting addition to the 3D home cinema projector market.

Although most of the 3D PR has so far been focused on TV sets, the Acer projector is an affordable option for people who prefer to project their images on a screen for a more cinematic experience.

This DLP projector is quite lightweight at just 2.2kg and compact, measuring 268x192x80mm, making it perfect for use in living rooms across the UK. It is also appropriate for use in the boardroom, for meetings and presentations and its sleek white design will look smart in any setting.

One drawback is the fact that its HD-ready credentials are only effective to 720p and not to 1080p - and the projector’s resolution is 1280x720p. An enhancement mode allows users to ‘mimic’ 1920x1080p resolution, which is all well and good, but this never works all that well.

Despite this, the Acer has a simple cable-management addition of connectors at the back of the case. It also comes with the zoom conveniently positioned on the top of the projector for ease of access.

The H5360 also comes with ports for VGA, composite video, component video, S-video and HDM, along with a small RS232 serial port and a 3.5inch audio-in socket. The built-in speaker is also very loud and very clear.