Projector manufacturer Acer has announced new partnerships with local distributors and retail chains to expand its projector business in Taiwan.

The worldwide projector brand already has a large projector sales network across Taiwan but only provides consumers access to a limited number of models in small volumes, leaving space for expansion.

As part of this growth, Acer has also agreed to cooperate with online shopping service providers to increase the promotion of all related products, and has even begun outsourcing through online companies.

Currently, Acer has a 7.8 per cent share in the global projector market and has been labelled the third largest projector vendor in the world, gaining an on-year shipment growth of 21 per cent.

In Taiwan, however, the company has achieved a significantly higher shipment growth of 419 per cent in the first quarter, making Acer now the seventh largest vendor in the country.

Following the announcement of the new partnerships, the company expects projector sales to begin rising steadily in the third quarter and make significant progress during the fourth, boosting overall sales by 40 per cent.

This new expansion strategy is part of the firm's plans to restructure the company in the search for new growth momentum and eventually break into cloud computing.