Acer, the Taiwan-based manufacturer of affordable consumer electronics, has added an ultra short-throw projector to its stable of electronic devices.

The U5200 uses a mirror-reflection projection set up to create a projector that is ideal for use in education and seminars. It is capable of creating images with a diagonal of nearly two metres from a distance of just 13 centimetres away.

The projector is also equipped with all the connectivity and network abilities that are integral to a projector's effective use as a tool of education. These include options to control it via a LAN network, allowing remote operation and projection management, emergency text broadcasting, and email alert system.

The Acer eProjection utility enables the device to be remotely connected to a PC, which can even be located in another room. A USB function means that photos and slideshows can be displayed directly from a flash drive - allowing the need for a PC to be dispensed of entirely if necessary.

The 2,500 lumens of brightness it is capable of means presentations will retain clarity even in fairly bright environments. The U5200 has a contrast ratio of 4,200:1 with native XGA resolution and, via DLP 3D-ready technology, can transform a plain wall into a 3D screen.