US-based micro projection technology specialist, AAXA Technologies, has launched what it claims to be the brightest battery-powered pico projector on the market.

The P4-X’s high-brightness optical engine is able to deliver 80 lumens of brightness when the projector is running off mains technology, only diminishing to 60 lumens when it is running off batteries. This brightness is nearly double the battery brightness of most pico projectors. It can run for 75 minutes on its built-in lithium ion battery.

The tiny projector includes a mini-HDMI digital input allowing for high-definition digital video and audio sources to be connected. The P4-X has a powerful ARM-based MP4 media player, giving it the capabilities of being able to display 720p videos, pictures, text and music. These capabilities do not come at the expense of the projector’s diminutive form – measuring less than 5.6” long, 2.7” wide, and 1.2” tall – making it perfectly pocket sized.

As well as the Mini-HDMI input the projector also has VGA and composite video connectivity options, giving it compatibility with most operating systems on smartphones and tablet computers, as well as blu-ray players, laptops, game consoles, and many other digital devices.