A tiny pico projector that packs 55 lumens of brightness into its pocket-size frame has hit the shelves.

AAXA Technology has unveiled its latest creation, the P2 Jr pico projector which is powered by a tiny 4024 optical engine. The P2 Jr's miniature frame measures in at less than 4.2 inches long and 2.9 inches wide and is designed to fit comfortably in handbags and pockets.

Despite its size, the next generation pico projector is capable of producing a 55 lumen picture with 1000:1 contrast. This impressive output is down to a combination of Texas Instruments Digital Light Processing (DLP) technology, 15,000 hour LEDs and advanced micro-optics.

A built-in lithium ion battery can run the projector for two hours on a single charge, which combined with onboard media players and speakers make the P2 Jr a truly portable device.

The PR Jr, which retails at $199 (£130), also features a powerful ARM-based MP4 Media Player which allows it to play 720p videos, pictures, text and music from a USB stick.

The P2 Jr accepts video sources from mobile phones, tablets, blu-ray players and video game consoles. High Definition video input of up to 1080P can be used with the P2 Jr through its mini-HDMI port. The VGO harness cable accepts XGO resolution from a variety of sources such as laptop computers.