The upcoming EH-DM3 LCD projector from Epson, aimed at casual home cinema enthusiasts, is "a fun and simple device" to use, though dedicated movie buffs may find it lacking in a few key areas, according to some of the first reviewers to give the machine a go.

Although they praise the projector's portability, in-built ten-watt speakers and DVD drive, the team at Tech Digest say the EH-DM3's HDMI connectivity option could mislead some buyers since it is not a HD projector.

"While HD compatible, all sources above 540p (960 x 540 pixels) will be downscaled," the team remark. "As a result HD sources look rather jagged, especially when the image is stretched to upwards of 100 inches, though those using this projector purely as a DVD player or with standard definition sources shouldn't have too many complaints."

As well as its HDMI port, the EH-DM3 features connectivity options including USB for Jpegs and MP3s, D-Sub PC input and digital coaxial audio output.

Night-time users of the device are warned that its contrast ratio may leave black levels looking "washed out and lacking in clarity", though the projector is said to perform "exceptionally" during the day.