The message from Sony this autumn is that native 4K is still the gold standard in the projector game – and they’re the ones to offer you the best quality out there.

With significant improvements on previous models, the company has pursued its goal to deliver the best 4K experience on the market, continuing to stick with native 4K SXRD panels across each model and unique Sony processing software for maximum image optimisation.

What does this mean exactly? Well, even better image quality and colour enhancement for a start is what it means! With a common platform of picture processing ability across both its consumer and custom install options, users can benefit from 4K motion flow, enhanced reality creation, HDMI 18GB per second bandwidth and lag reduction.

From gamers in search of immersive player experiences with next-to-zero lag time, to film buffs who refuse to compromise on image quality, Sony’s VW270ES and VW570ES models are second-to-none when it comes to the best home cinema projectors on the market at the moment.

And for those with commercial application in mind, the VW870ES offers some of the greatest picture quality available with a mind-blowing 18-piece glass lens that delivers image quality right to the very corner of your screen. Here’s a closer look at the range…


Sony’s ‘entry-level’ model from its latest range is more than a dip your toe in the water kind of purchase. At a retail price of around £5,000, and quality to match, users with an eye for detail and an unbending love for the finest picture quality will find pretty much that this model will meet all of their home cinema projection needs.

A successor to the popular VW260ES, Sony’s VW270ES introduces a brand new 4K processing platform that includes the new 4K motion flow and enhanced reality creation software that enables upscaling without noise increase.

For the ever-increasing number of 4K HDR immersive games on consoles like PS4 Pro, gamers can now enjoy games exactly as they were meant to be played at a reasonable price tag for what you’re getting.

While there is no standard format for HDR, Sony’s VW270ES and other models in this range do well with unique tone mapping pre-sets and an HDR reference mode that enables accurate projection of highlights and saturations for all HDR content.

Finally, at 1,500 lumens brightness and unrivalled installation flexibility, Sony VW270ES projector offers breathtakingly detailed image quality and seamless response time for any environment.


The VW570ES by Sony is an even more impressive piece of technology capable of delivering gameplay and film footage with high levels of movement without distortion or delay. The result is natural, seamless quality and true beauty in 4K HDR with 1,800 lumens brightness. Plus all the added perks that Sony projectors in this range come with.

With substantial noise and lag reduction, enhanced reality creation capabilities and 4K motion flow, the VW570ES essentially simplifies much of the success of Sony’s previously popular VW360 and VW550 into an amazing upgrade that combines all the features you’d expect from this much anticipated high-end consumer projector range.

As the next level in Sony’s consumer range, the VW570ES also comes with advanced iris technology for an increased dynamic contrast and Picture Position Memory for quick format adaptability for 16:10 or Cinemascope formats.

Set to retail at around £8,000 when it’s released in October, amateur gamers and home cinema aficionados may question whether this device is really worth the price tag, but for the serious enthusiasts out there, quality is something worth paying for and that’s exactly what you’ll get with Sony’s VW570ES.



Heads will turn with Sony’s release of the VW870ES 4K laser projector.

One of the brand’s most powerful and forward-thinking home cinema projectors… ever, this beast produces spectacular image quality and uncompromising dedication to seamless viewing experiences with its classic 18 piece all-glass lens, also featured in Sony’s flagship model, the VW5000.

At a considerable price tag of £25,000, key features that justify this retail price include the models All-Range Crisp Focus (ARC-F) lens offering optimal convergence of colour primaries and a 2,200 lumens laser-source brightness, projecting real image clarity from corner to corner – no matter how large you want to go.

Reminiscent of the VW760 from last year – another powerful 4K laser projector – the VW870ES offers premium image quality and accurate focus without distortion. Assisted by Sony’s unique software updates and internal processing that enables digital focus optimisation for all settings, compensating for any lens profile, users can enjoy extreme clarity and colour quality across the entirety of the projected image.

Furthermore, if you’re willing to invest in this impressive piece of technology you will also benefit from dynamic iris adaptability in addition to the dynamically-controlled laser light output. All this contributing to the ultimate projector goals of deep blacks and bright, vibrant colours, sitting side by side across both dark and bright interior lighting conditions.

A superior range

This is an impressive range not only for the attributes of each individual model, but also for its consistent quality across the entire line, featuring full commitment to 4K SXRD native panels and unique software algorithms in all projectors to further optimise image quality. The Sony VW270ES, VW570ES and VW870ES are set to make an impact this autumn.

If you’re looking to find out more about any of these fantastic models, get a demo or want to register for pre-ordering, get in touch with the Projectorpoint team and we’ll be happy to help you out. It’s not every day that Sony releases a new range – and one as impressive as this!

We’re more than happy to share our excitement so don’t hesitate to get in touch.