4 Key Trends in the Business Projector market for 2017

The fast-paced business world is constantly evolving, impacting on our working practices and style. Our technology choices reflect how we cater to these changes.

So what are the latest trends in business projectors? Are manufacturers keeping up with the latest developments and demand? And how have things changed?

Shining bright

Business is about moving quickly and working efficiently. While there was a time when setting up a dark room to ensure clear, readable projections was an option (indeed the only option), fast-moving modern corporate environments just don’t allow such luxuries. Cue the rapid development of high brightness, low budget projectors, which are quickly becoming the mainstay of meeting rooms everywhere.

As businesses demand more and more lumens to cater to their flexible working style, the resulting product development from projector manufacturers has led to a more accessible price range for bright projectors, and even small companies are now able to install projectors in their meeting rooms.

Take BenQ for example. A leading innovator in the projector field, BenQ specialises in producing high quality products at affordable prices. The BenQ TH530 is one of the brand’s best budget offerings, delivering Full HD resolution and 3,200 ANSI lumens for just £419 + VAT.

For £172 more you can jump up to 4,000 ANSI lumens of brightness in the BenQ MH741, which works out as a 25 per cent increase in brightness making this a perfect option if the projector is moving from room to room or used from time to time in bright open-plan offices.

This jump in quality is present across the market, with a huge variety of manufacturers now providing brighter projectors for less.

Thinking clearly

A similar trend is taking place in the resolution department. It’s becoming increasingly common for manufacturers to offer greater clarity at more accessible prices. Although this hasn’t quite progressed to the still-new 4K office projector market, Full HD projectors are a realistic option for small businesses where they otherwise may have settled for XGA.

It’s possible to find these savings across the market and sometimes selecting a projector based on features rather than brand name can result in greater value for money. But even that isn’t always necessary thanks to the advancement in resolution technology it’s now perfectly possible to find an affordable high resolution projector from a well-known brand.

BenQ , a company well-versed in delivering great value within its office projector collection, offers customers high quality for less with its MX570 model.

This device delivers 3,200 lumens of brightness and XGA resolution for just £337 + VAT.

However, for just £82 more businesses can enjoy the same level of brightness in BenQ’s TH530 with the added bonus of Full HD resolution. That’s 163% more pixels for 25% more money. It’s also a lot less headaches as a higher resolution means the ability to present from more devices at their desired resolution output.

BenQ aren’t the only ones able to offer massive jumps in resolution for less. This trend is one that’s popping up across the market.

From lamps to laser

The laser projector market is rapidly evolving, transforming from a coveted cutting-edge spec point in the installation sector to a common purchase for many businesses. One of the reasons why many companies favour laser office projectors is the considerably reduced need for regular maintenance and frequent lamp replacement.

Laser light source projectors provide great value for money, with many products offering increasing lifespans and fast startup compared to traditional lamp-technology projectors.

Although many projector firms have now added laser devices to their lineup, Casio has long been considered the pioneer in this department. They became the first company in the world to develop a laser and LED light source for projectors back in 2010.

Nowadays they offer a range of laser options including the new Sony VPL-PHZ10, which, like many other laser projectors, is capable of delivering images in portrait. This feature adds to the projector’s ability to cater to creative installation options in just about any business environment.

Creative collaboration

We say it all the time, but collaboration is the name of the game in the modern workplace. Many companies are using technology to encourage their teams to collaborate and projectors are a fantastic tool in their arsenal.

Connectivity solutions mean that offices can select from multiple input devices that suit their team and showcase their material in high quality images on large projector screens that the whole meeting room can see.

There are many projectors on the market ready to adapt to the increasingly flexible and demanding business world but the Optoma EH 341 is one of our favourites. This device brilliantly represents the needs of the modern workplace, delivering Full HD resolution and 3,500 ANSI lumens of brightness for flexible use in multiple, bright spaces and immersive images.

Additionally, users benefit from built-in speakers and multiple HDMI inputs so easy to switch presenters or hook in a Barco Clickshare base unit making it ideal for collaboration and flexible sharing.

If you would like to find out more about the latest projector trends and how technology can help your business, speak to our experts on 0808 278 3667 or send them an email.


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