3M’s truly portable MP225A projector has been warmly reviewed by industry experts, who have lauded the quality and size of the image it can produce from such a small piece of kit.

3M has focused on making the projector properly portable – making sure that its size and weight are convenient for users, unlike some other portable projectors which do not weight very much but can be very bulky and impractical to carry.

The manufacturer has made sure the projector – which is barely bigger than an average smartphone – offers the best viewing quality it possibly can. It can project images of up to 80-inches, and provides 32 lumens of brightness, which allows enough light for good viewing in most environments.

Writing for 3DTV.com, reviewer Justin Davis said, “[3M] deserve to be commended for cramming such a large amount of technology into such a small device.”

The device’s connectivity options have also been lauded, with ports available that allow content from notebooks, iPads and Blu-ray players to be shown through the projector. The MP225A operates on a lithium-ion battery, which provides for two hours worth of continuous use, but also has a charging cable and the ability to run continuously on AC power.