Projector manufacturer 3M has added two new portable projectors to its stable of offerings, providing palm-sized projectors capable of generating perfect presentations.

The two projectors – the battery-powered MP220 and the AC-powered MP410 – both come complete with wide ranges of connectivity options and capabilities.

The MP220 is the first of 3M’s mobile projectors to offer widescreen (WSVGA) resolution and is also the first 3M mobile projector to use the Android mobile device operating system, allowing users to plug their smartphones or tablets directly into the projector for easy display of content.

The projector provides 65 lumens of brightness, 120 minutes of battery life, 1GB internal memory and an expandable MicroSD card. It is also compatible with Apple devices, allowing users to plug in iPads or iPhones to instantly share photos and videos.

The diminutive MP410 projector can generate 300 lumens of brightness and images of up to 100 inches on the diagonal. Its LED light source has 20,000 hours of life, and it comes equipped with a VGA cable, as well as international power adapters. The MP410 also has an eco-mode and keystone correction and can be bought with an optional USB WiFi dongle, allowing for a wireless connection between any computer, smartphone or tablet.