Epson has revealed its latest line of projectors, including 3D and 2D options among the gadgets.

The PowerLite Pro Cinema 6010, the Home Cinema 5010/5010e and the 3010/3010e are designed for home cinema enthusiasts and custom installers, offering a high quality viewing experience on a screen at home.

With full HD, active shutter 3D, 190p resolution and Bright 3D Drive Technology driving the panels at 480 Hz, the images and described as “ultra-bright” by the manufacturer. The highest brightness available through the projectors is 2,400 lumens of colour and white light output, which makes viewing possible even with ambient light.

Jason Palmer, marketing manager, Epson America, commented, “A large issue with 3D projection at home is the loss of brightness in image and picture quality.

“With the 480 Hz drive technology developed by Epson, we've been able to create a bright, crisp image for home users to truly enjoy the 3D experience. Coupled with exceptional 2D quality viewing, these new projectors are an outstanding choice for any home cinema.”

Meanwhile, a number of the projectors come with wireless installation options, making it simpler to fit the machines into a room.