3D projector technology will drive the future of home viewing, according to many leading manufacturers displaying at Europe's biggest consumer technology fair in Germany this week.

Leading electronics names, including Sony, Panasonic and Samsung, are using IFA-Berlin to launch their latest technological developments and also press forward their opinions on where they see the home electronics market moving.

Sony will take the opportunity to display its pioneering new full-HD 3D projector which it has launched to keep up with the increasing demands 3D movie makers and their films are putting on home viewing capabilities.

Technology writer for the Daily Telegraph, Matt Warman, said after a few years of steady development, manufacturers are at a point where they can offer projectors as a potentially better alternative to televisions.

"For several years, projectors have been threatening to take a meaningful chunk of the TV market," he said, adding that they provide a more cinematic experience yet need far less space than a giant TV.

He said that manufacturers were noticing their efforts paying off, with more and more people investing in two set-ups: projectors for the cinematic experience and smaller televisions to use for simple, everyday viewing.