New research has suggested that 3D classroom tools such as projectors improve test results by up to 17 per cent.

Schools are increasingly using 3D technologies such as projectors and other resources to make lessons more engaging but it is still only a minority of schools in the UK that regularly use the tools.

The study, which was conducted across seven European schools, found that 3D tools helped children to concentrate better. There was also evidence that shy children became more vocal in lessons when 3D technology was deployed.

The researchers tested students before and after a lesson which incorporated 3D tools and they compared them with those who had participated in a traditional lesson. An average of 86 per cent of students who had been in the 3D classrooms improved their test results, compared with 52 per cent of those in traditional lessons.

Attention levels in the 3D-enabled classrooms were also boosted, with 92 per cent of the classroom paying attention, compared with 46 per cent in the usual lessons.

Professor Anne Bamford, who led the study, said, “It grabbed children's attention and this carried on beyond the 3D episode; it seemed to trigger an interest in learning that maintained through the rest of the lesson.”