A new multi-layer projector screen has been created by American scientists, in which images are created out of drops of water.

The boffins at Pennsylvania's Carnegie Mellon University say the screen can currently be used to play games such as Tetris and they are looking at other uses for it.

The display consists of a series of screens of water droplets one behind the other. Each screen is formed by 50 stainless steel needles which create a line of synchronised drops of water.

While creating up to 60 lines per second, information on the lines is transferred from a camera to a projector, which then lights up the droplets. With the four screens lined up closely but independently to each other, the way the brain processes the images on the screen of water gives the illusion that images are moving.

Leading developer Peter Barnum said, "A single projector, by quickly switching between images, can display on different layers at different times. Anything you can have with a computer, like images, text, movies, or anything interactive, you can have on the drop display."

It is not the first screen to be made using techniques similar to this one, but it does have the highest resolution yet and is the easiest to set up.