A 3D projector system could help young people to pick up and retain facts from the classroom.

According to Stewart Rodeheaver, chief executive of ViziTech, young people appear to respond positively to projectors in the classroom. The Albany Herald reported Mr Rodeheaver as saying that fourth grade students who took part in a 3D projector-led lesson for seven days, remembered facts such as the rotational direction of a certain planet or characteristics of its orbiting satellites.

The system has already been installed in a number of schools and comes with the benefit of a different kind of 3D glasses. Mr Rodeheaver stated that a special lens attached to the front of a theatre projector enables the showing of a 3D film by splitting the movie frames into separate images for the viewer’s left and right eye.

However, ViziTech’s glasses ‘shutter’ the lenses alternating the left and right eyes in sync with the images from the projector. This creates a 3D effect without the need for a projector lens attachment, delivering the added benefit of a system which does not deliver the ‘seasick’ feeling often described in association to movie 3D.