Developments in technology that are bringing down the cost of 3D holographic projectors mean they could soon be used to create ‘virtual employees’ for businesses.

Already used to project 3D images of people in airport security queues at airports in the US, industry experts say that the falling price of the projectors means they could shortly be used by smaller businesses too. It is a project that scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have been working on, to develop the projectors as a future business tool rather than simply a novelty item.

Originally used to create and project 3D images of dead stars at events such rock concerts, researchers have not yet created interactive holographic ‘people’ that will be essential for the widespread use of the technology by businesses.

Chadd Carr, from US company Advanced Concepts Research Group, said: “The holographic informative technology is better suited for environments which allow for captive audiences for an extended period of time, such as waiting rooms (clinics, hospitals, dentists, etc) or the department of motor vehicles.

"Pre-programmed communications are not conducive for sales where potential clients choose whether to do business with you or not in a matter of seconds."