3 ways you can improve your presentations
Standing up in front of a bunch of people is about a lot more than just speaking to a crowd. Confidence, clarity of expression, honesty, the ability to present ideas and concepts in a clear manner, a dash of charisma perhaps, a splash of humour – these are all important parts of any successful presentation. If you're new to the presenting game or simply want to improve your approach, we've put together three tips for presenting like a pro.

Prepare for technical faults
Hey, things go on the blink. Happens all the time. Prepare for any frustrating technical mishaps by ensuring you know how to fix some basic IT faults – so you can get back up and running quickly. If you can, familiarise yourself with the room you’ll be presenting in before the presentation proper. Knowing where you’ll need to plug your projector in, how to use that device that moves the slides along and other little good-to-knows will make you feel more relaxed on the day itself.

Be honest
If you’re making a pitch or selling a product, your presentation will, by definition, be designed to promote. But that doesn’t mean you should go in with a whole lot of bluster, making grand statements and bold claims in the hope you'll woo some new customers. In general, people appreciate honesty. It’s strong currency, which is a wonder why it's so rare to find. Be clear and straightforward when you speak and make sure what you say follows a logical path. Be prepared to back up any statements and, if someone asks you a question and you really don't know the answer to it, tell them that you really don't know the answer to it - but you'll find it out and get back to them.

Be exciting
It's an old maxim: people retain about 10 per cent of what they read, 20 per cent of what they see and 30 per cent of what they hear. When presenting, time is of the essence and you'll have to work hard to make sure people stick with your message and don't drop off. As well as keeping your presentation fairly short (does anyone really want to sit through an hour-long talk?), make it exciting. Use a multimedia projector if you can and don't just settle for PowerPoint. There are tons of other presentation tools out there that allow you to show off your ideas in inspiring ways.

We hope we've helped. Good luck!