3 things to consider when choosing a projector for business travel

3 things to consider when choosing a projector for business travel

If you travel a lot as part of your career, or you’ve got a new job and you’re about to (congratulations!), you might be about to buy a new set of tech to help you do your job.

Alongside a work smartphone and laptop, you might be looking to invest in a projector. If your work involves presenting, persuading, teaching and convincing – with a bit of entertaining thrown in too – then it’s highly likely a projector will help you communicate your ideas, pitch for work and launch new products.

But what to think about when choosing a projector for business travel? Here are three things to consider.

This is crucial. Choose a projector that’s big and clunky and that Eurostar train ride from London to Paris won’t be much fun. At all. Instead, opt for something slimline and lightweight that will easily fit in a carry bag. Choose one with few accessories too – less to carry around.

When you get to that conference room in Germany, will you actually be able to plug your laptop in (same goes for your smartphone and tablet). Choosing a modern laptop gives you a much better chance of having a laptop that you can use all over the world.

A travelling laptop won’t just be sat in a room looking pretty. There’s a chance it’ll get bumped and knocked around a little bit as you go about your travels. To that end, pick a laptop that looks like it can handle a bit of rough and tumble, and an investment in a projector bag for a layer of added protection is always a good idea.

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