Office projectors do a lot more than just tick a box to say that you're a modern, innovative and tech-savvy business – although they do send out these signals. Their real value lays in their ability to improve collaboration, productivity and efficiency in the work place.

Simply put, projectors make it easier for everyone to get on with their jobs. And here's how.

1. Office projectors save time

For businesses large and small, time is money. Every second you spend fiddling with inefficient, obsolete technology, is money wasted. Moments and seconds here and there are difficult to quantify, but over days and months they make a big difference to the overall efficiency of both your individual employees and your business.

Projectors help optimise your processes in a number of different ways but at the heart of it is the fact that they allow people to share information faster, communicate better, and collaborate with ease. This technology, in essence, is helping to oil the cogs of your entire business by showcasing projects on a big clear screen that everyone can see and work from with ease.

These small improvements in the way people work together on a daily basis eventually become concrete improvements in collaborative skills, productivity, and ultimately, revenue.

Depending on the type of information your team are handling, you might find that you need to upgrade to a HD projector sooner rather than later. It’ll help to optimise these efficiencies yet further by improving the clarity and detail in your day to day presentations. You’re probably working on HD screens or laptops and if your meeting room projector doesn’t match the resolution (or even the 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio) your content will look terrible when you’re trying to communicate it to a wider group.

Discover our HD office projectors here and if you’re looking for cutting edge technology, you can find out more about the benefits of 4K projectors in the workplace here.

2. Unite remote teams on a big screen

If you work with people in remote locations on a regular basis, be it remote employees or contractors, other branches of the same business, or even clients – at some point you’re going to have to communicate with these people (none of us can hide in the stationery cupboard forever).

A smartphone might help if it's a one on one call, but where teams are involved, they just can't compete with a projector. Instead of a tiny 'facetime' call on your mobile, an office projector allows everyone to see everyone else and brings people together as if they're in the same room.

Suddenly remote meetings, conference calls and long distance projects become more coherent and more manageable as collaboration improves.

3. Big benefits for even the smallest businesses

OK if you’re a small team or a micro business, chances are you’re not going to be having too many six-way conference calls between remote teams and contractors.

But have you ever found yourselves clustered around one person's computer screen trying to work on a presentation or a design together? Just think how much easier that would be on a large shared projector screen you could all spin round and see from your desks installed into the main working area of your office – not just a meeting room!

And you'll be in a good position to impress your clients too. The latest projector technology is becoming increasingly affordable so having top tech to showcase your product and ideas is now a realistic and accessible option.

Collaboration is all about sharing knowledge and skills to create something that's greater than the sum of your parts. With a projector, sharing information and workload in this way is easier than ever, meaning your teams can make better informed decisions, faster.

So have we convinced you that projectors deserve their place in your office yet? Take a look at our office projectors here and don't forget what a difference a projector screen will make to the quality of your images.