When you’re confronted with the vast range of projectors on the market, it can often be difficult to work out where your office or business needs sit. Most of our customers are searching for a decent projector for a reasonable budget, with robust technology that won’t become obsolete in a few years. The trouble is working out exactly what is a ‘reasonable budget’ when it comes to office projectors.

We can’t tell you which business projector is best for your needs – at least not in a single article anyway. Deciding on the ideal combination of brightness, resolution and price for your office is something specific to your unique situation.

What we can tell you is what decisions other people have been making this year from our own internal sales statistics.


Resolution: HD leads the way

At the end of last year, we spoke about what we thought was going to happen to the business projector market over 2018. Back then, we said that HD projection (1920x1080px) is very quickly becoming the entry-level standard, with lower resolution models becoming increasingly obsolete.

Judging by the stats, we seem to have been on the right page.

60% of our business customers now opt for HD or higher resolution, with almost 40% choosing HD directly.

The beady-eyed among you will have worked out that this means a good 40 per cent opt for lower than HD resolution. We’d slightly underestimated the ongoing popularity in XGA (1024x768px) products – but it’s definitely decreasing and we feel pretty confident in saying this trend is only going to continue.

If you’re looking for the cheapest model on the market, XGA models are more cost-effective than ever. Keep in mind however you’re likely to get hold of a projector that, if it is not already, is heading quickly on its way to being obsolete. For most offices, even when on a budget, we’d point you in the direction of HD, or even WUXGA.

If your office is looking to impress with its tech and truly get the best of the best, then the 4K and laser projector markets are definitely where you should be looking.


How bright should I go?

We often talk about how office projectors require higher levels of brightness than anything you need in your home. But exactly how bright is ‘bright enough’ for your office?

If we split all of our business projector customers into two groups, you’d find they divide fairly neatly around either side of the 4,000 lumen mark.

Of these, 4 individual measures of brightness make up the lion’s share (about two thirds) of all of the projectors we’ve sold:

  • 3,000 lumens
  • 3,200 lumens
  • 4,000 lumens
  • 5,000 lumens

So if you’re looking for what works for most of our customer’s offices – this should significantly narrow your options.

4,000 lumens is the most common single measure of brightness in all the business projectors we sell.

For that reason, we feel comfortable in saying that 4,000 lumens brightness is the best trade off of price and specifications for most customers.


What can I expect to pay?

The problem with projectors is that the specifications of each individual model are so specific that it’s often difficult to work out what a reasonable price point is. For a lot of people, it’s not even a case of spending as little money as possible – it’s just about identifying what you need for your money.

Nobody wants to buy a cheap projector, and later find out it’s next to useless in your office any more than they want to spend thousands of pounds on projector technology they don’t need.

If you’ve already got a good idea what resolution and brightness you’re looking for, then it’s worth taking a look at what the rest of the market is spending.

Here’s what we’ve recorded over the first 6 months of 2018:


What are the most popular projectors on the market?

Anyone who takes a quick look at our entire range of office projectors will quickly conclude that there’s far too much choice for most people to wrap their head around – and that they could do with a little help narrowing down the list. Luckily, that’s where we come in.

We’ve sold around 150 different business projectors in the last six months – pretty much a different one each day!

Of these, however, 13 form about half of the volume of all sales.

So luckily, that narrows down the list a little. Here’s a look in price order:

ModelResolutionBrightnessPrice (Excl. VAT)
Optoma X3401024x768px (XGA)3,100 lumens£285.00
BenQ MX5701024x768px (XGA)3,200 lumens£315.00
NEC ME301X1024x768px (XGA)4,000 lumens£349.00
BenQ MX631ST1024x768px (XGA)3,200 lumens£412.00
BenQ MH5341920x1080px (HD)3,600 lumens£434.00
BenQ TH5301920x1080px (HD)3,200 lumens£449.00
BenQ MW826ST1280x800px (WXGA)3,400 lumens£474.00
Epson EB-U421920x1200px (WUXGA)3,600 lumens£562.00
BenQ TH671ST1920x1080px (HD)3,000 lumens£575.00
BenQ MH7331920x1080px (HD)4,000 lumens£620.00
Panasonic PT-VZ580EJ1920x1200px (WUXGA)5,000 lumens£926.00
Optoma EH460ST1920x1080px (HD)3,500 lumens£949.00
NEC P603X1024x768px (XGA)6,000 lumens£999.00


If you’re still unsure what the perfect projector model for your office, business or conference hall is – then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. If you like the look of one of these models and want to check it out, then call us now to arrange a demo.