More than 11.4 million projector units are expected be sold worldwide in 2013, according to projector market analysts, Pacific Media Associates (PMA).

The company said that the sales of projectors will be driven by strong emerging technological areas, resulting in a predicted 18 per cent rise in the number of units expected to be shifted across the globs.

A PMA spokesman said that there were a number of “bright spots” in terms of new technology that are expected to provoke significant demand. These include projectors running on solid-state illumination systems, which are tipped to outperform other areas.

The analysts also predicted that while the key US and European education markets will continue to be dampened by budget restrictions, several new manufacturers are still expected to enter play for other developing markets.

One area that is likely to see particularly high growth is the new-era integrated projector segment, with projectors built into devices such as mobile phones and cameras.

The spokesman explained, “PMA has forecast a very strong 68 per cent growth rate for this segment to over 1.4m units worldwide in 2013, and expects unit volume to again more than double in 2014.”