New research from Pacific Media Associates (PMA) has predicted that front projector shipments will hit almost 8 million globally this year, up nearly 30 per cent on 2009.

Dr. William Coggshall, the president of PMA, has pointed out that even in the midst of last year’s recession, there were many ground-breaking initiatives in the supply chain and from manufacturers. He said: “when you look now at any of the industry’s market and technology segments - pico projectors, 3D capability, PC-free presenting, short-throw projection, LED- and laser-based light sources, it is clear that last year’s initiatives are starting to pay off big-time.”

In the mainstream projector market, it is expected that LED and hybrid LED/Laser devices will really take off this year as they are kind to the household budget as well as to the environment. It is also predicted that 3D front projection use will increase in educational establishments and in home cinemas.

PMA said that improved resolution and brightness in projectors, as well as better availability of green lasers, more experienced designers and increased distribution will all contribute to 2010 being the Year of the Projector.