A mounting system has been created that allows 10 projectors to completely recreate the control tower environment at Kuwait Airport.

The set-up is now one of the most advanced simulator systems for the training of air traffic controllers in the world, and will allow trainers to control the conditions and challenges that each trainee will face.

The construction was made by logistics specialists, Unicol, who were contracted by the airport's simulation and training systems provider Micro Nav, to create the bespoke gantry.

When fully functional, it arranges 10 Canon projectors in a circle and, with the sufficient graphical input – it completely recreates the experience of being in the actual tower.

The ten channel visual system has been installed in the Higher Institute Of Telecommunications & Navigation College, one of the hi-tech training facilities provided by the Kuwait Public Authority for Applied Education and Training (PAAET). The detail of the projected images will mean that by the time the trainee controllers are ready to progress to the control tower, they will already be extensively acquainted with it.

Micro Nav won the 2010 Queen’s award for Enterprise in the International Trade category, for their cutting edge simulation systems that incorporate some of the most advanced image generation technology.