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    • 2300 lumens brightness
    • Lamp light source
    • XGA resolution
    • 3 Years De/Re Install warranty


XGA (1024 x 768, 4:3)
2300 lumens
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The NEC M230x at 2300 lumens with a wide zoom ratio giving greater install flexibility of 1.3 - 2.2:1, cost effective 6000 hr lamp life, HDMI Input and USB inputs for PC less presentation and backed up with a 3 Yr Projector Warranty.
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NEC M230X throw distance range: 70-1450cm
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Enjoy great performance and flexibility, with the confidence you are saving the environment and your budget. The new M Series by NEC include advanced Eco features without compromising on quality and flexibility. With an impressive range of standard, wide and short throw models and various brightness levels, suitable for a wide range of projection applications.

M Series projectors incorporate new NEC innovations such as 75% AV Mute, Dynamic Eco Mode and longer lamp life support as well as all the advanced connectivity and functionality you can expect for today and tomorrow.

NEC M Series like other NEC Projector ranges are also available with special warranty packages and mounting solutions dedicated to education.

Simplicity and flexibility are at the heart of the M Series design concept.The wide lens throw ratio, advanced range of connectivity options, simple to use remote and automated set up features mean that fast, accurate projection is available almost instantly and your presented materials for the classroom or corporate meeting rooms are not delayed.

The M Series range include a host of improvements over our previous models, including 2000:1 contrast with Auto-Iris function on all models, faster start-up in about 3 sec, a USB Viewer with JPEG support, lower noise levels, 27 OSD languages and a 10W speaker (instead of 7W)

Maintenance and servicing are easier and less frequent, with the wide throw range that makes professional installation simple and the user centric design that matches lamp and filter life at up to 6000 hours. Filter as well as lamp are also easily accessible, even when the projector is ceiling mounted.

At the heart of the M Series concept is flexibility and we have taken major steps to bring the control of the projector completely within the hands of the presenter whether working via a connected notebook, a local area network or even an installed USB device.

This user centric approach is also applied to the intuitive remote and clear easily accessible surface control button arrangement and ECO innovations such as 75% AV Mute that can be operated with a simple slide of the front cover or pressing the convenient AV Mute button.

Flexible installation - Traditionally, replacing a projector could all too often mean changing or repositioning the mount as throw ratios differ with the added cost of using an installation contractor. The wide 1.7x lens ratio of the M Series projectors mean they can be adjusted to fit most mounting locations without the need for extra installation services, in addition this means projectors can be easily moved between locations in a campus or organisation with only the need to make adjustments to the throw.

NEVER AGAIN WASTE TIME SEARCHING FOR YOUR REMOTE - The unique NEC Virtual Remote Software, supplied with all NEC M Series loads on your host computer and allows complete control of the Projector via an on screen remote control console. All you need for full remote functionality is a VGA cable or network connection between your computer and the projector.Especially useful to the classroom environment where lost remote controls between class changes are common. Control your projector this way via VGA or network


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USB for display and control


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USB for PC Less Presentation


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RS232 For Control


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