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Not everyone's familiar with all of the projector , large format displays or interactive touchscreen manufacturers available. You might know some of them for making televisions and other home appliances, but not know how good they are at making projectors or interactive touchscreens. For this reason, we've put together a quick low-down on how we see it - where their strengths lie, and how those strengths affect your purchase decision when choosing a projector, large format display or interactive touchscreen the latter two of which are available at our sister website


Barco offers projection technology for a wide variety of markets. The super silent DLP business projectors are highly suitable for use in meeting rooms, boardrooms, brainstorm rooms or break-out rooms. Our rugged large venue projectors offer excellent brightness for auditoriums and events. For the digital cinema industry, we offer both digital cinema and postproduction projectors. Barco's simulation projectors are the perfect fit for simulation and training, while our 3D stereoscopic projectors are the perfect choice for virtual reality.

Barco provides the most complete range of single-chip and three-chip DLP lamp and laser phosphor Corporate AV projectors in the industry. Varying in illumination technology, size, weight, resolution and brightness level, our product line includes a perfect match for every possible professional environment – from small to large meeting rooms, conference rooms, boardrooms, classrooms and auditoriums. When combined with Barco’s single-click presentation system ClickShare, you take your meeting room to the next level in terms of usability, leading to enhanced meeting efficiency and better collaboration.

Barco's range of 3-chip DLP large venue projectors covers a large spectrum of brightness levels, ranging from 8,000 to 40,000 lumens. Designed with the road in mind, our high-brightness event projectors come with smart features such as wireless control and a preview mode.

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BenQ are manufacturers of DLP projectors and their range covers projectors suitable for a wide variety of uses from education to corporate to their award winning home cinema range. They have grown considerably in recent years based on high quality products and excellent aftercare service.

BenQ is one of our most popular brands, we hold most of the range in stock and are able to provide projector demo's on request.

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Canon offers a complete range of multimedia projectors to cater for every environment, application and business need - from installation, ultra short throw and portable models to Full HD 1080p projectors. Thanks to Canon’s over 75 year heritage of optical innovation, they all offer advanced optics and lens design to deliver high impact images with unrivalled clarity and contrast even from short throw distances.

The Canon portable business projectors are simple to use, consistently reliable and impressively cost-effective.

Canon's short throw and ultra short throw projectors create a big picture in a small space, combining superb quality and excellent mobility, the range includes HD models with HDMI connectivity for quick and seamless 1080p projection.

The Canon Xeed range of installation projectors are designed to perform in all lighting conditions and environments. The high resolution, precision optics and easy maintenance of Canon’s ceiling-mounted, fixed installation and large venue projectors deliver the perfect mix of outstanding ‘real world’ brightness and stunning contrast - for seamless images with ultra-fine detail even in the most demanding of spaces. .

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Casio one of the world’s leading manufacturers for electronic equipment have lead the way in the development of unique projection products. The Casio Green Slim projector range leads the market in introducing mercury-free laser & LED hybrid light source, capable of high-brightness projection for use in the next-generation projectors the company has developed under its “clean & green” concept. Casio is releasing a line of GREEN SLIM projectors with the new light source, introducing the world’s first mercury-free high-brightness data projectors.

Use of the laser & LED hybrid light source makes Casio’s GREEN SLIM projectors the world’s first data projectors bright enough for projection in a well lit room without using a high-pressure mercury lamp. The projector range produces bright colours through upgraded colour purity, the light source has a life of approximately 20,000 hours, projection at maximum brightness is possible in a minimum of eight seconds and no cool down is needed when turning the projectors off. The effect of this is a reduced cost of ownership, a typical mercury lamp lasts for only 2000 hours only and costs on average £200, that’s money you no longer need to spend!


Christie offers a broad range of both LCD, 1 chip, 3 chip DLP and laser phosphor projection solutions that deliver brightness, exceptional image quality, versatility and ease of use. From a meeting room to the most sophisticated live event, no venue is too large or too small for a Christie digital projector.

The projectors are designed with customer needs in mind and ensure that the technology and features make it easy to include a visual display in any application – no matter the size or complexity. Innovative features such as image warping and edge-blending, energy-saving modes, dust-free light engines and built-in stacking/rigging handles enable you to display virtually any image on virtually any surface in almost any environment.

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Clevertouch interactive touchscreens are changing the way we educate – the durable alternative to interactive whiteboard and projector solutions. With innovative features such as built in PCs and an app store focused on education, Clevertouch screens are being installed in a growing number of forward-looking schools. Clevertouch also provide a range of quality interactive touchscreens for business, suitable for boardroom and general corporate use.

Available in sizes from 42″–84″, Clevertouch utilises the latest touchscreen technology, featuring multi touch that allows multiple users to interact and use gesture control. Combined with Full HD resolution, high brightness and anti glare as standard, images are always clearly visible.

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Market leading aesthetic design, masterful technology and crafted from the very best materials, CTOUCH offers interactive touchscreens with a 10 point touch system as well as a host of features and options including anti glare glass, optional OPS PC module, optional 90 watts soundbar and up to 6 years on site warranty.

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Epson are the largest projector manufacturer in the UK. Epson supply a full range of models from consumer to education to high-end installation models. Epson markets a wide range of 3LCD projectors reproducing bright, natural images that are easy on the eyes.

The EB series multimedia projectors from Epson offer bright, compatible and versatile presentation solutions as well as being highly portable. Whether you require a basic portable model or for presentations in various office or conference-room environments or wish to create a specialised installation system, Epson has the projector to suit your needs.

Epson's projectors for home cinema use comprise a full line-up of high definition ready products, the Epson TW range of projectors offers home cinema models from an entry level projector to Full HD 1080p wireless high spec projectors to transform your living room into a home cinema at a click of a button.

Epson are the UK leader in the education market being the first manufacturer to provide ultra short throw projectors with interactive features whilst their 1080p home cinema range is one of the most popular full HD projectors in the UK market, providing full 1080p output with high contrast levels and high quality lens with excellent shift and zoom capabilities. New to their home cinema line up is Laser light source 4K upscaling. To see one in action in our demo room please contact us.

Epson lead the way in terms of R&D always coming up with improved performance and lower cost of ownership, backed up with unbeatable service and warranty with an Epson projector you'll always have a quality product providing superb image quality.

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The new generation of projectors from Hitachi meet the diverse needs of business people and educators. With Ultra Short Throw technology on selected models, they offer unparalleled clarity and brightness, coupled with industry leading practicality, portability and ease of use. Offering a range of security features to combat theft in busy environments, Hitachi projectors can be connected quickly to the corporate or campus network, streamlining maintenance and enhancing the user experience.

Hitachi offer a full range of ultra portable, Installation, Educational and professional range of projectors, these all have a solid and reliable build quality are feature rich backed up with good warranty and support.

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IIYAMA are a specialist in monitors particularly large format and interactive touchscreens and offer the perfect solution for educational and corporate use at affordable prices. Great viewing angles from all sides delivering superb image performance from anywhere in a class or meeting-room. The solid and robust design is capable of withstanding the requirements of the most demanding environments.

IIyama products are available at our sister website View all IIyama interactive touchscreens.


InFocus are a specialist in the field of projectors and tend to be very competitively priced. The InFocus range mainly comprises of DLP projectors, and includes some extremely portable units. InFocus projectors offer a wide range of features from USB inputs for PC less presentation to Internal memory for saving files directly to the projector to RJ45 input for displaying your content over a network from a remote source. The InFocus range offer models from ultra portable to office, education and large venue installation.

In addition to projectors, InFocus also offer a wide range of interactive touchscreens for use in corporate or educational environments.

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LG offer a complete range of commercial grade Large Format Display and Signage Solutions designed to support and enhance businesses across numerous sectors including Retail, Leisure, Hospitality, and Transport applications and are one of the market leaders in this field.

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NEC projectors are designed with the emphasis on features, connectivity and reliability, rather than being strong on portability.Their reliability is backed up by a three year ‘repair or replace’ warranty.

The current line up M series features a whole host of connectivity options including VGA, HDMI, RJ45 and USB. Fantastic lens ratio of 1.3-2.2:1 and huge 1.7x zoom lens makes the M series a fantastic replacement projector and in our opinion a range hard to beat by any competing Manufacturer.

If you are looking for a projector that can display presentations over a network via an RJ45 input then NEC is a great choice - Their Image express utility is the simplest and quickest to set up and use we have seen to date of any Manufacturer.

In addition to the rock solid M series, NEC also have their Professional Application or NEC PA series as they are more commonly known. Featuring high brightness, horizontal/vertical lens shift, XGA, WXGA and WUXGA resolution with a multitude of optional lenses plus inputs from Dual HDMI to displayport to HDBaseT, the PA series are one of the very best installation offerings available based on price and flexibility.

In addition to projectors, NEC are at the forefront when it comes to Large Format Displays and Touchscreens for use in modern information media for public buildings, at exhibitions and in congress centres, for POS and in stock exchange/financial applications. Also for monitoring media in control rooms and production facilities.

Offering models from 42inch 1080p resolution all the way to 84inch 4K UHD resolution and features such as high brightness screens for shop window use or warranty coverage for 24/7 use, NEC have it covered. In our opinion NEC have one of the best reliability records of any manufacturer.

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NEC display products are available at our sister website View all NEC Large Format Displays.


Optoma is a world leading designer and manufacturer of projectors for business, education, professional audio/video and home entertainment, with comprehensive ranges from traditional lamp based projector to laser based projectors to exceed the expectations of every user.

For more than fifteen years Optoma has been one of the few manufacturers to focus solely on projection. Systematically Optoma has contributed a product into every new development of projection and has pioneered new award-winning products on more than one occasion, targeting a spectrum of applications and environments.

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Panasonic offer both portable multimedia projectors as well as high end installation grade laser light source based projectors featuring high brightness and cutting edge technology at a very affordable price. Build quality is excellent and is complemented by a contemporary design.

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Projection Design.

Part of the Barco group, Projection Design is recognised as a Centre of Excellence for single-chip DLP projection technology in the visualisation industry.

Projection Design is at the forefront of technological advancements in high performance, high-resolution and compact single-chip DLP projectors. The projectors are designed, developed, and manufactured in-house for a wide variety of applications such as training and simulation, visitor attractions, planetariums, and scientific visualisation.

Answering to the demands of the training and simulation industry, Projection Design has developed a complete range of dedicated projectors. By offering different resolutions, features and illumination technologies with their specific benefits, they can deliver the projectors that best suit your projection needs.

Projection Design projectors are now part of the Barco Projection range.


When it comes to 4K UHD resolution, Sony stand head and shoulders above the market and competition for offerings in projectors and large format display. Why? simple they are the only manufacturer to date to be able to capture 4K content at the source end , produce, distribute and be able display natively at the other end of the chain. They also have a strong 1080p resolution home cinema offering also.

In the home cinema arena, Sony in our opinion have the best offerings in both 1080p and 4K UHD categories.

In addition to home cinema projectors, Sony have strong offerings, feature rich models in the office, education, short throw and installation projector categories. In the installation category, they currently have the brightest laser light source projector at 7000 lumens.

Sony don't just do great projectors, they have feature packed large format displays with 1080p or 4KUHD resolution too!

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