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Epson EH-TW3500

This product is discontinued.

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    • 1800 lumens brightness
    • Lamp light source
    • 1080p resolution
    • 3 Years Onsite Swap Out warranty


HD (1920 x 1080, 16:9)
1800 lumens
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  • Image Quality
  • Features
  • Connectivity
The Epson EH-TW3500 is now discontinued. It is replaced by the EH-TW6100 and the EH-TW6100W

Build quality
Epson have never failed to impress us with build quality and the TW3500 is no exception. Gloss white casing, grey menu, source select and power button with a nice ice blue glow on the power button when the unit is on.

The remote control is backlit in orange and well thought out when it comes to the button layout. Power and Direct source selection can be found in the top third of the remote. Main menu access is in the middle whilst image adjustments and image presets are in the bottom third of the remote. Whether making adjustments via the remote control or directly on the projector - the buttons are quick to respond with good feedback when pressing them - no having to press the button 2 or 3 times to get a response!

Brightness and image quality
At 1800 lumens, the EH-TW3500 is one of the brightest home cinema projectors available - a good choice if you have ambient light in your room that you cannot control or if you want low level lighting on or you want to watch that early evening Premier league football match with mates and dont want to have to close the curtains.- We would suggest using the 'dynamic' image preset for any of these scenarios.

We used a number of blu ray DVD's on the TW3500 including Cars (to check out colour accuracy and vibrancy), The Dark Knight (to check out black levels) and Casino Royale (for flesh tones). With the projector set to 'Dynamic' image preset In our demo room we switched on our 2 spotlights ( standard GU10 50Watt)  which are place directly over the screen flooding the screen with light - The image quality did drop off (which is expected) but was extremley watchable with whites still looking crisp and bright. Switching off the lights the 'Dynamic' preset was painfully bright for us and we had to change the preset to 'Theatre Black 1'

Selecting 'Theatre Black 1' instantly affects the image in two ways. Firstly the whites and overall image brightness is reduced to a comfortable level for prolonged watching (i.e movies). Secondly black levels become noticeably deeper and richer. As ever image quality is subjective but for us Theatre Black 1 offers a great balance of colour accuracy (skin tone), colour vibrancy, brightness and black level. We did however find it slightly saturated so decided to customise the preset as follows to obtain for us Rich blacks, natural skin tones and vibrant colours :

  • Image preset set to Theatre Black 1
  • Colour Temperature set to 7500K
  • Skin Tone 3
  • Auto Iris OFF
  • Brightness -1
  • Contrast -2
  • Colour Saturation -1

Lens Shift & Zoom range
The TW3500 is equipped to lens-shift vertically equivalent to 3 screens (+/- 96%), and horizontally equivalent to +/- 47%.


A  powerful 2.1 wide zoom ratio and short focus lens, which increases the range of set up possibilities, by allowing for movement both forward and back in relation to the screen. With the short focus lens, the projector can project a massive 100–inch screen from as close as three metres.

For us the Epson EH-TW3500 is the projector to beat in this price range - Huge zoom range and lens shift, high brightness, good black levels and a wealth of colour adjustments to achieve vibrant colours and natural skin tones.

We would mention that the vast majority of the competing models in and around this price point are all DLP based and do not require maintenance other than lamp replacement. The Epson being LCD has a filter that needs routine cleaning to get the maximum life out of the lamp, but as long as you have a can of compressed air to hand and 5 minutes then your good to go as its that quick to clean the filter (in a normal home environment you only need to do this every 2 months! more frequently if its used in a smoky environment).

There are cheaper 1080p projectors available but this is one of those occasions where we would strongly reccomend spending the extra £150-£200 pounds - its money well spent and the end result will be without question superior image quality! 

We have had a lot of questions regarding the warranty on this projector and lamp. The warranty stated on this page applies to the TW3500 (Epson just need to update the model numbers on their website). It's a great warranty for this price point.

NOTE: Be aware that stock from non UK resellers only carries a 2 year RTB warranty so any projector sourced from outside the UK would need to be sent back to the original country of supply.

If the TW3500 is slightly out of your budget, take a look at the TW3000 which is exactly the same in terms of the chassis, lens shift and brightness. It does have a slightly lower contrast ratio but for us is the best entry level 1080p projector.

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Whether you love movies, sports, TV or gaming, you’ll see your passion come alive with new levels of clarity. The Epson EH-TW3500 offers an enhanced, High-Definition viewing experience for TV, DVD/Blu-Ray players and games consoles. Setting up is easy with the 2.1x zoom lens plus horizontal and vertical lens shift.

Sharp and defined images are ensured in all light conditions

30,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio and very strong 1800 lumens brightness deliver clear sharp images without having to dim the lights.

Future proof connectivity

With its great connection flexibility including two HDMI ports, the Epson EH-TW3500 can function at the centre of all your High-Definition and latest generation multimedia devices. Play Blu-ray and DVD movies; connect a set top box, games console, PC or digital camera.

Easy, flexible installation

Both set up and operation is straightforward. Vertical and horizontal lens shift combined with a 2.1x optical zoom lens means projecting a perfect image form almost any location is easy. The projector can be securely fixed to the ceiling and the supplied cable cover ensures that the installation is neat and tidy.

Thanks to the three-year, next-working-day warranty covering both projector and lamp, you’ll enjoy thousands of hours of HD big screen entertainment



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