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  1. Technology that Enables Collaboration

    Technology that Enables Collaboration

    Collaborating as a team can be both rewarding for employees and profitable for business. Research by Deloitte Australia highlighted the worth of group participation in a study titled The Collaborative Economy: Unlocking The Power of the Workplace Crowd, in which it revealed that businesses that place collaboration high on their agenda are twice as likely to be profitable and twice as likely to outgrow their competitors.  

    Technology has been instrumental in the rise of collaboration as workers can now exchange content for feedback or share their input instantly with colleagues onsite and those working remotely from almost anywhere in the world. Development in the ease with which teams can access and engage with technology has further changed t

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  2. Why Collaboration in Meetings is Essential

    Why Collaboration in Meetings is Essential

    As technology enables businesses to be increasingly dynamic in their operations, collaboration has become essential for sharing insights, expanding operations and ensuring that the company as a whole keeps pace with its industry. Collaboration brings together employees as one team - no matter where in the world the individuals are located.

    In facilitating this growing demand for collaboration, the meeting room has had to change considerably in both size and function. From boardrooms to huddle rooms, meeting space has evolved to serve both formal presentations and smaller, impromptu group sessions at all levels of a business.

    For businesses, providing the tools that enable this new style of collaboration is bringing excellent returns in the form of increased productivity and creativity.

    New Spaces - New Challenges

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  3. You've Bought a Screen for Your Meeting Room – What's Next?

    You've Bought a Screen for Your Meeting Room – What's Next?

    Whether you purchased an interactive touchscreen, or a 65-inch 4K UHD display, there is a plethora of technology solutions on the market that will help you to get the most out of the focal point of your meeting room.

    Back to Basics

    The obvious first question - which you will have considered prior to purchasing your screen (what do you mean you didn’t? Quick read our guide on choosing the right display for your meeting room here) - is where is the screen going to go and how will you install it?

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  4. Top 5 Meeting Room Tech Frustrations (+ Solutions)

    Top 5 Meeting Room Tech Frustrations (+ Solutions)

    Millions of meetings take place every year. They bring together people from industries and countries across the world, all with one reason: progress. Working together gets things done, keeps people on track and moves entire teams towards business goals and objectives. So why do 70 per cent of employees (Barco research, 2014) feel that meetings aren’t productive?

    All too often it’s technology that gets the blame. And while managers and business leaders do have their share of responsibility, even the best people won

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  5. 4 Meeting Productivity Killers (And How to Solve them With Technology)

    4 Meeting Productivity Killers (And How to Solve them With Technology)

    Thanks to technology, businesses now have the ability to expand their operations globally and increase their remit of services. This has dramatically increased the need for and use of collaboration between teams and, as was revealed in a two-decade long study by the Harvard Business Review, employees are getting their heads together for meetings with colleagues over 50 per cent more often.

    Although the meeting is, by its very nature, a driver of progress, they also risk inflaming some employees’ biggest workplace peeves, such as one person dominating the discussion while the rest lose interest in the shared goals.

    But many common problems can be solved by identifying what your team members really want from a meeting room a

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