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  1. Learn the Meeting Room Technology Essentials

    Learn the Meeting Room Technology Essentials

    Kitting out a meeting room can be a tricky task. Get it wrong and you’ll a) never hear the end of it from your angry and vocal co-workers and b) waste a lot of time and money (and never hear the end of it from the MD!) It’s a high profile decision that will impact on your company for years to come.

    Even if you’ve done it before, technology moves on at such a pace that a little research can go a long way. So where do you start? What are the meeting room technology essentials? Read on to find out.

    People first

    You’re buying technology, but your decisions are all about people. Start by thinking about how the room will be used and who will be using the room. Are you arranging a meeting space that’s client-facing? Or will it just be employees and suppliers? What about board members and investors?

    Each group of people will have different requirements and your budget will need to be allocated accordingly for their different priorities.

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  2. What Are Meetings Really Costing Your Business?

    What Are Meetings Really Costing Your Business?

    Do you ever feel as though you’re sitting in more and more meetings?  You’re not alone. Many British workers are feeling overwhelmed by an increasing number of unnecessary meetings.

    Worst of all, there’s evidence that rather than helping your company to grow, meetings are actually costing the average SME £637,000 per annum. Sounds unbelievably high right? But when you break down the costs it adds up.

    The figure comes from research from PowWowNow which theorises that the average meeting consists of six people and costs £394.80; a figure made up of six people’s salaries, the cost o

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  3. How Collaboration Technology Delivers from Design to Reality for Construction Projects

    How Collaboration Technology Delivers from Design to Reality for Construction Projects

    You know better than we do that it takes dozens if not hundreds of people working together to deliver on a major construction or design project. Even the simplest of buildings takes skill and coordination to ensure effective collaboration between architects, planning officers, construction companies and everyone in between.

    So how are modern businesses facilitating this massive amount of collaboration that's required? Well, with one of two approaches. There's the traditional method, which essentially revolves around enormous amounts of paper. And there's the modern, technology-driven approach. No prizes for guessing which one we're advocating.

    Working with your clients

    You've won the contract for your architects' firm, congratulations! Now to work out exactly how to implement your client’s vision. As you know, get this bit wrong and your designers will be bashing their heads against a brick wall for the rest of the project.

    So how can you ensure things g

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  4. How Architects Can Win More Business with Meeting Room Technology

    How Architects Can Win More Business with Meeting Room Technology

    Technology is changing the way we do business. Processes are becoming faster and slicker. Clients have increasingly high expectations and the millennial generation of employees are integrating gadgetry into every area of the office – whether we like it or not.

    Architects cannot ignore this change any longer. Practices across the country are harnessing the power of the latest technology to wow potential and existing clients.

    Is it time for your company to catch up and become a pitching powerhouse?

    Nice Pitch

    The potential for technology to drive up efficiency and drive down costs is enormous. But our focus here is purely on its potential to impress.

    Whether you deal with public sector projects, infrastructure builds, residential developments or luxury 'one-of-a-kinds', you'll know there are certain key things your clients want to see from you and your team during a pitch.

    1.     Style

    Your work is creative, clients want to se

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  5. How Meeting Room Technology Reduces Costs for Architects

    How Meeting Room Technology Reduces Costs for Architects

    Can we make it any cheaper? Can we bring the handover date forward? Two all-too-common questions project managers hear in architects' firms across the country.

    Businesses in every sector strive to lower costs and many are turning to technology for the answers. But for architects and construction companies the potential savings are so huge that this really isn't a choice any more.

    But this isn't about buying every possible gadget on the market. Read on to find out how the right meeting room technology could save you thousands on your running costs as an architects’ practice.

    Time is money

    There's no other way of putting it: time really is money. When it comes to meetings, conferences, feedback, revisions and collaboration, you want to achieve as much as possible in as little time as possible. Well, nothing saves time like fast and efficient technology.

    It's all about keeping things as streamlined as possible. In many cases, this is t

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  6. The Best Enterprise Wireless Presentation Systems

    The Best Enterprise Wireless Presentation Systems

    When it comes to big business, it’s vital that every component of your company is a well-oiled machine. Nowhere are gaps or problems more obvious than in a meeting; with all eyes on the team, you want everything to run smoothly.

    Wireless presentation systems are at the heart of today’s collaborative meeting environment and this single device can mean the difference between a professional and impactful meeting and a major communications malfunction.

    But what factors do you need to consider when it comes to choosing the best enterprise level wireless presentation system for your meetings? Read on to find out more.


    Security is serious business in the workplace. With more and more devices connected to company systems, you need to be confident that your IT security is up to the job at every level.

    Barco is one wireless presentation system manufacturer that takes its emphasis on security seriously. Barco is the firm behind the ClickShare fam

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  7. How to Choose the Right Screen for Data Presentation

    How to Choose the Right Screen for Data Presentation

    Spreadsheets. Love them or loathe them, the fact of the matter is that we all have to deal with them in meetings. And we all know this kind of data is highly detailed, each cell or line could hold a vital key to the company’s future. Whether your meeting centres around financial reporting to senior board members and investors, or your team is analysing web analytics, traffic or consumer engagement statistics, visualising and interpreting the minutiae is paramount.

    But without the right display screen, there’s a very real risk that your team could miss out on these all-important details. Finding the right display or touch screen for your meeting room or boardroom is essential when figures and analytics are the core premise of your business.

    But where do you start? When it comes to displaying data, you need the highest screen resolution possible and we’ll explain why.

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  8. How Meeting Room Design & Technology Affects Productivity

    How Meeting Room Design & Technology Affects Productivity

    Have you ever considered that the design of your meeting room and the technology you install could be limiting productivity?

    In many businesses, that’s exactly what’s happening.

    For instance, research from Herman Miller revealed that small groups of workers are only using the appropriate smaller conference rooms for their meetings 10 per cent of the time, opting instead to take up larger meeting spaces. Their reason? The limited technology available in the smaller meeting spaces.

    By contrast, rooms that are well equipped with technology are used five times more often that their poorly equipped counterparts. In other words, a poorly designed meeting room is limiting collaborative efforts in your business and taking up space.

    The meeting room should be a place where people and great ideas come together. It’s a hub of creative activity and productivity. However, when

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  9. After the Meeting: How Display Technology Enhances Productivity

    After the Meeting: How Display Technology Enhances Productivity

    Meetings are on the increase. According to a Harvard Business Review study, employees are meeting over 50 per cent more often than they did 20 years ago. But is the leading to an increase in productivity? Or is all this collaboration just making us lose focus on the task at hand?

    It’s frustrating - not to mention costly - when these meetings fail to result in any forward motion within the company. Unfortunately, in many cases, this lack of productivity in teams is becoming the norm and in fact another survey revealed that professionals lose 31 hours a month due to unproductive meetings.

    But where is all the time spent in meetings going? Well, the answer in some cases may lay in what happens after the meeting rather than during it.

    The Lost Art of Note Taking

    It’s a common scenario: you walk away fro

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  10. Turn a Meeting Room into a Productivity Hub with Wireless Presentation Systems

    Turn a Meeting Room into a Productivity Hub with Wireless Presentation Systems

    Your meeting space can have a lasting impact on your team’s productivity. The layout and, according to multiple studies by colour psychologists, even the decor of your meeting room can affect the efficiency of your workforce and their ability to get things done.

    While you might be stuck with the drab grey or a bland beige on the walls, don’t let your technology solutions be another excuse for reduced productivity. If you want to get the best from your team, maximise your meeting room’s potential with wireless presentation systems to enable colleagues to collaborate easily.

    Technology Giveth Stress … and it Taketh Away

    Barco research, which measured employee stress

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