Why You Can Trust Sony When it Comes to 4K

Sony has been an instrumental player in the development of 4K visual technology and to this day the company remains an industry leader.

We’ve explored the brand’s history to discover why this famous manufacturer remains one of the most reputable and trusted providers of ultra-high definition (UHD) 4K displays.

Sony 4K in the Film Industry

Sony has been at the forefront of 4K development since the technology’s conception. In fact, the international giant was the first brand to launch a commercially available 4K digital cinema projector.

Even before the technology was fully tested, Sony had signed agreements to roll it out to a huge number of major cinema chains around the world, delivering over 6,000 units by the end of 2010.

In the UK and Ireland alone, Sony installed 657 of their 4K projectors across 68 Vue cinema sites; the largest single-brand deployment of the technology in Europe.

The company’s successes in the early days have only continued. Proving the technology is as up-to-date and highly-regarded as ever, Sony’s 4K digital projectors are currently operating in over 15,000 cinema screens.

Not only that, but the firm has also pioneered the development of some of the best 4K cameras in the industry. Furthermore, while they may have been bought out by Deluxe Entertainment, Sony Pictures’ Colorworks still operates as one of the film industry’s most advanced 4K post production facilities.

The company is comfortably ahead of the curve in both the display and creation of 4K content.

Cinematic 4K at Home and in the Workplace

All of this experience has ensured Sony is held in high esteem in the film industry. But the company quickly applied its industry knowledge to its range of consumer and business products too.

Delivering a hyper realistic, detailed and engaging experience, 4K has rapidly become the go-to technology for offices and home cinemas – essentially anywhere that quality is a priority.

In fact, Sony was one of the first manufacturers to apply its highly successful digital projection technology to the home projector market with professional features such as its Triluminos colour-rich display and industry-standard X1 processors. But while it continues to invest in innovations in the projector market, one of Sony’s latest accomplishments is its work in the large format professional display arena.

Since it first introduced 4K technology to the large format professional display market in 2012, the brand has continued to champion the benefits of native 4K resolution. In fact, Sony regularly calls out fellow technology brands for using pixel shifting and duplication methods to create upscaled images that masquerade as 4K, rather than the genuine article.

The brand is in a good position to judge, having maintained its integrity throughout the development of UHD equipment. Sony combined the expertise developed for its 4K content and 4K projection systems to help consumers create theatre-worthy displays of their own.

The global leader now has a large range of 4K displays on offer, but the most exciting are the recently released XE8000 and XE9000 Series. These displays produce incredible image quality whilst being superbly designed aesthetically and importantly, great value.

It’s clear to see why Sony has become one of the most trusted providers of 4K around the world in 2017. The brand is a driver of professional and consumer 4K, from content capture, creation, processing and re-production. The company has proven its expertise by constantly remaining one step ahead of the pack – a position we expect them to maintain in the years to come.