The Best Touchscreens for Education

After the rush of industry events in the first quarter of the year, including Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) and Bett, the second quarter finally brings some downtime and a chance to reflect on the product ranges available in 2017.

In this article, we’ve honed in on the latest touchscreens for the education sector. All of our touchscreens have made their mark in one area or another, but the best one for you will depend on what you want to achieve with the screen itself.

Read on for a roundup of the best touchscreens for education – whether you’re looking for the perfect touchscreen for a university group, or a screen to encourage learning in a primary school classroom – the Projectorpoint experts have got you covered.

The Best Value Touchscreens for Education

Clevertouch V Series

The already award-winning Clevertouch VSeries has been hailed by industry experts everywhere as one of the best value screens on the market, offering a wide range of features for those on a smaller budget. Designed for use in the modern classroom, the range offers simplified interactive experiences that aid collaboration and productivity without breaking the school budget.

Just like Clevertouch’s more costly brothers and sisters, this range offers durability, connectivity, and multi-touch technology that all aid collaboration. In fact, the series provides 10-point multi-touch gesture and writing capability via an impressive and clear 1080p Full HD, high-brightness display.

Additionally, the device comes ready to go with DisplayNote, Snowflake, Lynx and Clevermaths apps to further encourage productivity and nurture a modern, collaborative education environment.

The Best Large Touchscreen for Education

Clevertouch Plus 75 LUX

The Clevertouch Plus 75 LUX is part of the highly celebrated Clevertouch Plus Series, which is considered by many to be the first word in education technology.

Regardless of size, the range is celebrated for its beautiful screens, which are created using the brand’s LUX user interface for a smoother touch experience. Strong anti-glare glass and up to 20-point multi-touch gesture and writing capabilities help to take this product to the next level. It’s an ideal choice for schools in need of a high performance, versatile device.

However, the size of the Clevertouch Plus 75 LUX has to be one of its most impressive selling points. Unlike smaller touchscreens this device makes it possible for larger classes to collaborate, so more students can benefit from the technology.

The size of the screen is further enhanced by the high definition display; available in both and 4K, this industry-leading touchscreen can deliver clear and precise images and an engaging touchscreen experience for classrooms of all sizes.

The Best Touchscreen Software for Education

Clever Software Suite

Supplied as standard on all Clevertouch Plus devices, the Clever Software Suite has been carefully crafted to help teachers deliver the ultimate education experience in any environment. Setting the brand apart from its rivals, the suite of apps is regularly updated to ensure it meets all the modern needs of education-based display users in both classroom and higher education settings.

One of the most popular apps included in the suite is DisplayNote, which allows teachers to share lessons or presentations between devices. Teachers also benefit from the addition of the Lynx app, which allows students to collaborate and interact with a wide range of content types for a more engaging lesson.

Of course, even with collaboration it’s possible for children to lose focus during class, and this is where Snowflake comes in. One of the more recent additions to the suite, Snowflake addresses the issue of short attention spans by making education more fun through activities and games.

The Best 4K Touchscreen for Higher Education

Clevertouch Plus 4K

As we mentioned earlier, the Clevertouch Plus series is available with a 4K display. In fact it is now one of the most popular devices within the higher education market.

Delivering clear and crisp images that can amaze even in a large learning space like a lecture theatre, the screen has been designed to display complex and detailed documents with crystal clarity and enable lecturers and students to interact with their content as ideas evolve.

Additionally, the screen can be seamlessly integrated with complementary technology such as surround sound speakers for an overwhelmingly engaging experience that will both impress and engage students across multiple disciplines.

If you’re considering investing in a touchscreen for your school or university, the Projectorpoint team will be happy to discuss your requirements and provide tailored recommendations.

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