The Best Screens for Digital Signage

As technology advances, digital signage is becoming more accessible for use in a wide variety of professional environments, from retail to reception spaces and beyond.

However, choosing from an increasingly large pool of impressive screens isn’t always easy. We’ve put together our own definitive list of the best digital signage screens for a range of different professional scenarios to help you navigate the maze of options.

So if this is the first time you’ve considered digital signage, start at the beginning and take a look at the simple setup options for screens that will help you get up and running quickly. If you know what you’re doing and want to take your digital signage to the next level, however, you might want to skip ahead to the performance signage section.

Simple Signage

These are the ideal ‘plug and play’ purchases to get you straight up and running with your digital signage. Although the output won’t necessarily have the same impact as some of the more advanced options, these devices are ideal for newcomers or those with a stand alone display who require ease of use first and foremost.

The Best Digital Signage Screen for Simplicity

Panasonic TH-LFE8

The ideal choice for beginners, the Panasonic TH-LFE8 is the Displaypoint screen of choice for a simple digital signage screen. This model makes content management simple and fast.

Boasting a slim design and discreet mounting, it can be adapted to fit seamlessly into most environments, delivering clear, professional messages as required. The lack of media player here works to the display’s advantage, meaning it’s simply a matter of plugging in a USB to get your desired content up on the screen instantly.

The Best Value Simple Setup Digital Signage Screen

ViewSonic CDE4803

One of the best choices when it comes to value for money, the ViewSonic CDE4803 provides users with a range of features and impressive 1920x1080 resolution without breaking the bank.

Among the features included in the CDE4803 are a range of connectivity options, wide viewing angles and free-bundled vController software for remote management. This product also benefits from access to an integrated USB media player, which delivers content without the need for a PC. It’s a slight step up in functionality from the Panasonic device, but still keeps things simple.

Performance Signage

Performance signage takes display technology to the next level, offering more flexibility and functionality to ensure the information displayed is completely tailored to your requirements.

Our performance signage selection includes screens that work with either inbuilt or external media players to increase the level of flexibility when it comes to how they showcase your content.

Many of these choices also boast some network functionality, so you can do things like hook up multiple screens in different locations while managing all of their content from a single remote location.

The Best Value Digital Signage Package

ViewSonic CDE5502

The ViewSonic CDE5502 is a 55-inch Full HD display that delivers a combination of cost efficiency and ease of use.

To create a packaged digital signage system, we’ve found that the display works in perfectly in sync with the Brightsign LS423 external player to deliver smooth streaming and easy deployment of content for a great price.

The Best Value Digital Signage Player

Vivitek NovoDS

This fully inclusive, all-in-one solution makes creating and playing great signage content easy.

The NovoDS enables users to display a huge range of digital content on their signage including text, photos, audio, video and streamed web content, all of which is fully customisable.

An easy to manage solution, the device allows users to import media files from remote storage, to deliver content via a network, or if you’d rather, to initiate playback via an SD card. It doesn’t get more flexible or convenient than this at the price point.

The Best Digital Signage for Easy Content Management

Samsung PM55F and Sony FWL-40W705C

One of the keys to success in deploying your digital signage is easy content management, and two top industry players have this in the bag.

First up, the Samsung PM55F creates content with Samsung MagicINFO to allow for easy management, monitoring and scheduling of media on the display. What’s more, users are treated to a suite of creative tools that facilitate content creation and allow remote deployment; so you don’t need to be with the signage physically to change what’s on its display.

On the other hand, the Sony FWL-40W705C delivers a simple and more streamlined management system, thanks to the TDM digital signage software. Only compatible with Sony displays, TDM offers flexible and affordable signage options that can be updated to ensure the latest media is fully supported.

The Best Large Screen Digital Signage Package

Sharp PN-E703

The Sharp PN-E703 delivers impressive image quality, a sleek design, and a dramatic screen size of 70 inches that’s sure to draw the attention of its intended audience.

Designed to cope with 24-hour operation, as you’d expect from a professional signage screen, the device is both reliable and durable, and offers a variety of installation options to make it adaptable for almost any environment.

Although not fitted with its own full media player capabilities, this popular Sharp product can be combined with an all-in-one player device such as a Vivitek NovoDS to allow for creativity and flexibility in the display of a wide range of content types.

The Best Large Screen All-In-One Digital Signage

Sony FWL-75W855C

When combined with TDM digital signage software, the Sony FWL-75W855C is the ideal all-in-one option for a large space.

Delivering Full HD picture quality on 75-inch screen, this energy-efficient solution will bring your visual communications to life. With your TDM digital signage licence in place, you will have access to an easy to use design tool for the creation and management of a range of signage.

It’s remarkably easy to get to grips with and an excellent screen for impressive communications.

The Best 4K Digital Signage Package

NEC MultiSync X651UHD-2

This 65-inch UHD digital signage solution delivers 3840x2160 resolution, making it ideal for displaying detailed content or for those simply hoping to make an impact.

Boasting impressive colour reproduction, full control over visual parameters and the capability to upscale low resolution content, the NEC MultiSync X651UHD-2 is a top of the range product. However, when combined with the multimedia power of the BrightSign XT1143 signage player, the device reaches a new level of display power that leaves it standing in a class of its own.

The Best 4K All-In-One Digital Signage Solution

Sony FW-65XD8501

For an immersive 4K picture quality and a fully-inclusive content management system, you can’t beat the Sony FW-65XD8501.

This leading digital signage screen is slim and stylish, energy-efficient and an ideal professional choice. Aside from its impressive image quality, vibrant colours and crystal-clear 4K resolution, the device is also capable of supporting an easy to use (but extremely effective) digital signage system in the form of the TDM digital signage software. Simply purchase a licence to begin creating media-rich content for multiple screens and make the most of your 4K display’s resolution.

Looking for more information on digital signage? Or perhaps one of our choices here has caught your eye? The Displaypoint experts will be happy to talk you through the options and provide more information to help you choose the right digital signage for your business. Visit our website to find out more or get in touch today.