The Best Large Meeting Room Displays

Everyone wants the best for their business. But what does best mean when it comes to choosing a large meeting room display for your company?

Here at DisplayPoint our experts have rounded up the best of the bunch based on a number of factors. So whether you’re looking for the best budget display or the best touchscreen on the market, we’ve got the pick of the pick of the big bunch here.

The Best Value Large Meeting Displays

Sony FWL-65W855C


At 65 inches, the Sony FWL-65W855C is a large display that works well in a large meeting or conference room.

While not enormous, it’s a good sized screen that comes with some impressive functionality and boasts full HD resolution. In fact, even if the input source for your content is low resolution, Sony's powerful X-Reality PRO engine will clean, refine and upscale the content for perfectly crisp detail in full HD.

The FWL-65W855C is a particularly smart option for companies looking for a display screen to showcase content on a digital signage display with an integrated media player meaning users can playback content from a USB flash drive.

For us, connectivity is essential whether we’re talking budget or top of the range, so our choices for the best budget displays had to have decent levels of connectivity. The Sony FWL-65W855C is fully internet ready – get online using the Ethernet connector or use the handy built-in Wi-Fi to connect wirelessly.

Overall, a great big-brand display screen that offers plenty of flexibility without breaking the bank.

ViewSonic CDE6502


If the Sony screen isn’t quite right for your team, take a look at our runner-up in the Best Value category, the ViewSonic CDE6502. This is another 65-inch Full HD display, but unlike the Sony, it also comes with an integrated Android-based media player for content loading options and web browsing without the need for a separate PC; a great option for teams that are used to Android operating systems. To display photos, music and 1080p video, there’s also the same option to simply connect a USB drive.

For teams spending a lot of time working with the screen in the meeting room, the ViewSonic offers inbuilt ‘Flicker-Free’ and Blue Light Filter technologies, which help deliver comfortable viewing and reduce eye strain. Dual 10W speakers help make this screen a strong contender for businesses on a budget.

The Best 4K Meeting Displays

Sharp PN-H701


A hot category given the market movement towards 4K technology, but for us the outstanding image quality of the Sharp PN-H701 gives it the edge. This ample 70-inch screen delivers incredible clarity using state-of-the-art technology for bright, crystal clear viewing.

There’s no compromise on functionality either with an integrated 4K USB media player that lets you load content and browse through the screen without needing to connect up to a PC and of course there’s the latest HDMI cable 4K connectivity. For a flexible meeting room display, the Sharp PN-H701 is an excellent choice.

NEC MultiSync X651UHD-2


Integrated speakers, pixel-free viewing, intense detail and vibrant colours make for a top notch visual experience with this 65-inch display. But that’s not all that the NEC MultiSync X651UHD-2 has to offer, there’s also wide ranging connectivity, multi-source conferencing and split-screen operation.

This display is perfect for heavy-duty applications including professional conferencing, but it’s equally impressive when deployed in retail signage, control room setups or medical review, essentially anywhere you need the best quality high resolution display for viewing details or wowing audiences.

The Best Large Display Screens for Performance

Sharp PN-E603


The Sharp PN-E603 is second to none when it comes to performance. Flexible, with a stylish look and strong energy efficiency credentials, this display is one of the best large screens on the market, suitable for everything from meetings and presentations to professional signage thanks to its 24/7 operating ability.

A selection of 60, 70 or even 80-inch, high-quality LCD screens give you a choice of applications and the monitor can be installed in either landscape or portrait orientation.

It also offers dual-screen display, zoom display mode and a range of input and output terminals, including DisplayPort , so you can get connected with a wide variety of input devices in moments.

NEC Multisync V652


Boasting brand new backlight technology, the NEC Multisync V652 was one of the first public displays to feature a professional LCD panel with Edge LED backlights. The result is lower power consumption packaged in a lighter, more stylish monitor.

This is a smart display too, with a Programmable Ambient Light Sensor that automatically adjusts brightness to suit light conditions, a heat management feature to ensure your monitor lasts the distance, and a clever automatic email function to let the right people know in the unlikely event that there is a problem.

And as expected with a top performing display screen, the V652 boasts great connectivity options with DisplayPort and HDMI ports, Multi-Display Management Software for controlling connected display devices from one source, and compatibility with the NEC MultiPresenter stick – enabling users to wirelessly connect up to 12 devices.

This display even uses Edge LED backlights to reduce power consumption, weight and depth – setting the bar for performance.

The Best Huge Screen

Next, our staff picks from the ‘supersize’ display screens. At this size, a display screen is a serious investment so our choices in this category really had to stand out.

NEC Multisync X841UHD-2


First up, the NEC Multisync X841UHD-2 at a whopping 84 inches with ultra-high definition 4K resolution. This is the perfect solution for large meeting rooms where you really need to impress.

State-of-the-art technology delivers pixel-free viewing, intense detail and colour accuracy, while 24/7 operation makes this an ideal screen for heavy duty applications like conferencing, retail signage or control room use.

And like our Sony choice above, the FWL-65W855C, this NEC model is also capable of upscaling the quality of content - taking an HD input and scaling it all the way up to glorious 4K. If 84 inches still isn’t quite enough for your requirements, NEC also offers the X981UHD /multisync-x981uhd-2 which steps things up to a massive 98 inches while maintaining the crisp 4K UHD resolution of its sibling.

Sony FWD-100ZD9501


Going up yet further in size at a stunning 100 inches is the Sony FWD-100ZD9501, the ideal solution for the largest boardroom meetings or training spaces.

Play your videos and other media content directly through a USB flash memory device and enjoy the clarity of 4K definition images. Like the NEC models, this too can upscale lower resolution content.

A cable management system keeps this mammoth monitor neat and tidy, while the stylish design integrates effortlessly into educational, corporate and retail environments.

It’s quite an investment, but the quality of output from this Sony screen - described by the manufacturer as “unprecedented” - means it has certainly earned its place on this list.

The Best Touchscreen

The CTouch Laser Air+


Top of the list for a large touchscreen from our team is the CleverTouch Laser Air+, a stunning 65-inch ultra-high definition screen. This Harman-designed 32-point touchscreen runs on an Android operating system and boasts a built in Wi-Fi router, 80-watt speakers and the genius addition of a gesture remote; it’s a real force to be reckoned with.

Use the CleverTouch Laser Air+ to deliver outstanding images and audio in business or educational environments and take collaboration to the next level with the huge number of touchpoints. Present, add or share documents easily using the front-facing USB inputs, or video conference using the webcam USB connection.

With smart energy saving features, this monitor does everything it says on the tin – and so much more.

The Best Large Meeting Room Display for Connectivity

Finally, what about connectivity? If ease of connection and a variety of options for different input devices really matter to your team, then pay attention - because this screen is worth more than just a glance.

Sony FW-65XD8501


The Sony FW-65XD8501. This 65-inch screen allows teams to play videos and share content in ultra-high definition clarity suitable for professional conferencing, business meetings and schools.

With four HDMI connections, this is a great choice for teams looking to connect multiple devices direct to the screen. Three USB connections also go a long way to helping get everyone hooked up and anyone who still doesn’t entirely trust Wi-Fi to be there at the critical moment it’s needed will be reassured by the option to connect to internal networks and the internet over the wired RJ45 connection.

Interested in any of the screens we’ve selected as our choices for the best large meeting room displays? Call the DisplayPoint experts for more information or advice.