The Best Business Touchscreens

Touchscreen technology might be ubiquitous in the consumer technology space, but it’s still not seen as an ‘essential’ in the office. However, as the tech evolves and price points settle, this is finally starting to change.

If you’re among the growing number of companies now exploring the productivity potential of touchscreens, read on for the pick of the best business touchscreens on the market right now - as chosen by the experts at DisplayPoint.

The Best Value Touchscreen

InFocus JTouch INF6502WBAG

Our first screen has earned its place on the list for its excellent value for money. The InFocus JTouch INF6502WBAG brings ultra-responsive touchscreen technology to the big screen.

The 65-inch screen functions as a whiteboard and a traditional display screen, creating an interactive experience with anti-glare to reduce any strain on the eyes. With easily accessible USB ports, it’s simple to share content from other devices too and you’ve also got the option to do so wirelessly.

The JTouch is a great entry level model for companies looking to improve their team’s productivity levels when it comes to meeting room collaboration.The Best 4K Touchscreen

CleverTouch Pro 65


Next up, the CleverTouch Pro 65; a super-smart screen powered by Android which offers users a highly immersive experience.

A range of apps bring this display to life – use it as an electronic flipchart with the LynxPro app, open and edit documents, PDFs, audio, 4K video and images, or collaborate with colleagues elsewhere by simply connecting devices.

A raft of tools, such as the in-built gesture tool, allow you to put your point across, while meeting templates help you to cut down on planning time as you can brainstorm and exchange ideas in advance.

You can also work wirelessly by simply plugging in the CleverShare wireless device into your laptop’s USB port and show your work, or edit it, on the synced CleverTouch screen.

But while its connectivity is on point, it’s the image quality that really makes the Pro 65 stand out with its 4K UHD resolution and clear, bright screen, there’s no chance your team will be struggling to see the details with this touchscreen.

The Best Touchscreen for Performance

CTouch Laser Air+


The CleverTouch Laser Air+ 65inch UHD delivers top performance with a host of innovative tools.

This 4K display has interactive gesture remote, an impressive 32 touch points and a number of top rated apps to customise functionality in the areas that matter to your team. High quality audio via the JBL speaker system offers 80 watts of amplification, while smart energy saving helps with longevity thanks to the screen’s automatic brightness adjustment.

It’s a real winner in our book for meeting rooms looking for the very best performance from a touch screen.

The Best Huge Touchscreen

CTouch Laser Air+


Does size matter to you? When big just isn’t big enough, then you’ll want the CleverTouch Laser Air+ 84 inch UHD. Full of features, just like its 65-inch sister display, this model offers outstanding performance, great visuals and 80 watts of inbuilt audio.

Use the uWand gesture remote to enable touch gestures, make the best of flexible apps and programmes with integrated Android 5.0 OS and use the webcam USB connection for instant video conferencing.

And of course, marvel at the image quality on this commanding 84-inch 4K UHD display.

The Best Touchscreen Software

CleverTouch Pro


Our award for the best integrated touchscreen software has to go to the CleverTouch Pro series – both functional and easy to use, these displays use Android-powered operating systems to get the job done. But crucially, they also offer users a range of pre-installed apps that really help with ease of use.

The CleverTouch touchscreens have cropped up numerous times on our list and with good reason. The software on these screens really helps with collaboration. It’s easy to connect mobile devices and editing and saving notes is straightforward with a cloud connection that doesn’t rely on an additional computer.

Import your files, be they video, PDFs, documents or images, and use the LynxPro Meeting app to annotate them, no matter what software you’re using. With the CleverTouch Pro series, up to four people can participate, wherever they’re based.

These touchscreens remove many of the old barriers to productivity found both during and after meetings. Choose from the 65, 75 or 84-inch models and get to work.

The Most Innovative Touchscreen

The Infocus Mondo Pad


The new Infocus Mondo pad was the star at the Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) trade show 2017, the industry leading AV systems event, and it’s our choice for the most innovative touchscreen. Essentially, this is a display screen that functions like a PC, offering an alternative to the Microsoft Surface setup without the hefty price tag.

Features include video calling, whiteboard functionality, a multi-touchpoint high definition screen, business class HD conferencing and more. Windows OS is built into the system, and a full version of Microsoft Office is included in the package.

This innovative display screen also offers plenty of secure connectivity options, whether your input device is a PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone. Make video calls on the Mondopad, browse the web and annotate and control it using your tablet, smartphone or PC from anywhere in the room.

The Infocus Mondo brings teams together, allowing them to collaborate, share ideas and, at the heart of it all, get more done.

If you’re considering investing in a touchscreen display for your business, give the experts at DisplayPoint a call to discuss your requirements.