The Best Budget Display Screens

There’s a lot to consider when investing in a new display screen for a meeting room, but there’s one factor that’s going to apply in almost any purchase: budget. Fortunately, there are some excellent display screens on the market today that won’t take up your entire annual IT budget.

If you’re looking to keep costs low, read on for a selection of the best budget display screens as chosen by the DisplayPoint experts

The Best Small Budget Display

NEC E425/nec-multisync-e425

When it comes to display screens, as a general rule, the bigger the screen, the bigger the price tag. So if you’re looking at the smaller end of the size scale you should be getting a great deal of bang for your buck - and that’s certainly the case with the NEC MultiSync E425.

This screen offers 42 inches of Full HD 1080p resolution in a sleek, standalone display. At this size it’s ideal for small meeting rooms or huddle spaces and the integrated speakers and USB media player make setup a doddle.

Content playback is supported for multiple video file formats and there’s also a handy scheduling function should you be looking to use the screen as digital signage.

When it comes to connectivity, three HDMI ports and a VGA connection should be plenty to connect everything a small team needs for productive collaboration.

We think the E425 offers outstanding value for money but if all of the above wasn’t enough, LED backlight technology makes this display an energy efficient choice as well, keeping initial and ongoing costs down.

Viewsonic CDE4803


Slightly bigger than the NEC screen at 48 inches, the Viewsonic CDE4803 also boasts great image quality and a few extras too.

With Full HD 1080p resolution, this neat screen is a good option for smaller meeting rooms or commercial environments such as hotels, restaurants and hospitality venues. It won’t quite be up to the task when it comes to analysis of the most detailed data (for that you have no choice but to go 4K), but it is more than up to the job when it comes to looking at text, PowerPoint slides and much more.

Furthermore, with wide viewing angles, ‘Flicker-Free’ and Blue Light Filter technologies, your team will really appreciate working with a screen that does everything it can to avoid any strain on the eyes. Again, connectivity options are decent and include HDMI and VGA.

The Best Large Budget Display

NEC E705


Finding a good quality large display on a budget is a little more challenging but it can be done. Our first choice for a budget large display screen is the NEC E705.

At 70 inches, this screen is plenty big enough for most meeting rooms and boasts Full HD resolution to ensure image clarity for a wide variety of uses. Connectivity is a breeze with all the industry standard digital and analogue inputs you’d expect in a modern audio visual setup, including HDMI and DisplayPort. Furthermore, there’s a smart wireless connectivity option built in to allow team members to pair Windows, OS, Android or iOS devices via a PIN to present and share their content.

This high quality, low-maintenance display is perfect for meeting rooms and training.

Sony FWL-75W855C


A step up from the NEC E705 is the Sony FWL-75W855C with 75 inches of display screen ready to go. With Full HD 1080p resolution, this screen is the one to beat when it comes to a large meeting room display and it’s even capable of cleaning and upscaling content from low-resolution sources.

The FWL-75W855C has an integrated media player so you can play videos and other media content from a USB flash memory device, all in eye-catching crisp clarity.

Stream from YouTube, pull content from other websites or use the screen as office signage when there’s no meeting being held; the FWL-75W855C keeps everyone in the team bang up to date pulling in RSS, XML feeds or information from social media sites. And with cloud storage you can access content from anywhere, on any device whether it’s a PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone.

All this and more is packaged in a slim, stylish display that comes at a surprisingly reasonable price.

The Best Budget 4K Display

Sony FW-65XD8501


4K is yet to become a truly budget-friendly area of technology, but prices are starting to fall as manufacturers seek to push 4K as the new standard for resolution. Sony is a clear leader in this and for us the best budget 4K display on the market just now has to be the Sony FW-65XD8501.

In our opinion, this 65-inch display takes some beating. For lower resolution content, the FW-65XD8501 can upscale the picture, transforming lower quality pictures and bringing them into line with 4K Ultra HD standards using a 4K X-Reality PRO engine. Meanwhile, TRILUMINOS Display technology brings the screen to life with stunning colours.

Like its sister screen the Sony FWL-75W855C, the FW-65XD8501 also comes with an integrated media player for playing videos and other media content from a USB flash memory device, making this a flexible choice for a meeting room display.

You can even share content from mobile devices or laptops via Google Cast straight to the screen, plus there’s a range of business apps available to customise the display. In fact, nearly everything about this screen can be adapted to suit your requirements.

The Best Budget Touchscreen

CleverTouch Plus 65 LUX


Our choice for the best budget touchscreen display is the flexible CleverTouch Plus 65 Lux. This screen offers an interactive touchscreen in a Full HD display at a reasonable price. Built to withstand the rigours of a classroom or the boardroom, it comes with a robust metal frame, 4mm safety glass, plus a five-year warranty.

In an education environment, the CleverTouch Plus 65 Lux really comes into its own when coupled with the Snowflake MultiTeach software license. It is designed to replace interactive whiteboards and projectors in all education environments, encouraging interactivity in the classroom.

If you’re exploring touchscreens for the classroom, don’t forget to take a look at the software available. CleverTouch have some excellent apps available offering hundreds of educational add-ons. This is the future of classroom learning.

Other features bound to come in handy in the classroom include full internet access, childproof screen lock, intuitive file management and a range of connectivity options to enable groups to use their own input devices.

But the CleverTouch Plus 65 Lux can work equally well in a corporate setting with the purchase of a Snowflake for Business software license. Instead of setting the screen up for classroom use, this bundle offers interactive business tools that allow users to share information and collaborate efficiently. It is ideal for use in the meeting room, or even the boardroom - essentially anywhere that your teams might be looking to review and annotate existing content.

The "Best Value" Budget Display Screen

Our final two choices have made it onto the list for their great all-round value.

IIYama LE5540S-B1


First up, the IIYama LE5540S-B1. If you’re looking for a balance between great performance, capability and resolution at the right price then this display fits the bill.

With the latest IPS panel technology, this screen offers a great view from all angles, as well as high brightness and exceptional colour clarity.

Compatible with multiple platforms and equipped with HDMI and VGA connectivity, this crisp Full HD 1080p resolution display is a great choice for a variety of uses, including everything from retail signage to a control room or meeting room central display.

NEC E505


And finally, the budget-friendly, versatile display that is the NEC E505. Performance, great resolution and an accessible price point; the NEC E505 is a great screen to end our round up with.

This 50-inch display boasts Full HD 1080p resolution, a range of digital connectivity options and low power consumption, making it an excellent choice for corporate meeting room usage and signage applications.

This NEC screen was built with budget in mind but you won’t notice the compromise. Its visuals are bright and clear and the slim design and integrated speakers make this an impressive (and easy) install.

If you’re looking for a display screen on a tight budget and would like to find out more about the products listed here, our specialist team at DisplayPoint will be happy to advise.