The Best 4K Screens for the Boardroom

The boardroom isn’t just a place of work; nowadays visitors expect boardrooms to showcase the company’s modern and dynamic culture. It’s this need to impress that is making it increasingly important for businesses to kit out their nerve centre with state of the art equipment.

And what could be more impressive than a stunning 4K display screen as the focal point for your board meetings? Read on for our top picks of 4K screens for the boardroom – as chosen by the Projectorpoint experts.

The Best Value 4K Screen for the Boardroom

Sony FW-49XE8001

Designed to deliver impressive visuals without requiring a hefty budget, the Sony FW-49XE8001 is a popular 4K screen that easily focuses attention in any boardroom.

Energy-efficient and boasting flexible mounting, the screen is both eco-friendly and maintenance-friendly, but its benefits don’t stop there. Part of Sony’s celebrated Bravia range, the screen offers a plethora of connectivity options to ensure smooth operation in that all-important meeting, as well as support for Android TV to allow fast customisation and additional functionality.

What’s more, it’s beautifully slim, stylishly designed and, at 49 inches, a great size for many smaller boardroom needs or well-priced enough to install more than one in larger rooms. What’s not to love?

The Best High Impact 4K Screen for the Boardroom

Sony FW-65XE8501

Our title for the best high impact 4K screen goes to the stunning Sony FW-65XE8501.

A tricky category to choose a winner in, this Sony screen really stood out for us thanks to its mixture of great looks and excellent performance. In a boardroom, size really does matter when it comes to impressing visitors, and the 65-inch Sony FW-65XE8501 certainly isn’t lacking in the size department.

We dare your next board meeting not to be wowed by the screen’s 4K resolution, which will give the whole room a crystal clear view of the latest company figures, even if they’re sat right up close.

Meanwhile, its sleek and stylish design is crafted to impress, combining simplicity and slender lines to make it the ideal addition to any modern office.

The Best Large 4K Screen for the Boardroom

Sony FW-75XE9001

The Sony FW-75XE9001’s 75-inch screen shows off the brand’s industry-leading 4K display at its best, making it an ideal choice for a large boardroom.

This expertly crafted Bravia screen has a sleek design that will turn heads. But this particularly large display goes one step further and is capable of delivering the brand’s flawless 4K display at a scale that can hold the focus of even the most discerning board members in the largest rooms.

The size of the screen also means that multiple users can share their content onscreen at the same time without crowding each other out – a particularly handy addition to any modern collaborative boardroom.

The Best 4K Touchscreen for the Boardroom

Ctouch Laser Air+ 65 inch UHD

The Ctouch Laser Air+ 65 inch UHD screen brings the benefits of collaboration to the boardroom, allowing for a more creative experience, while maintaining professionalism and focus.

Collaboration is evolving as technology improves and the Ctouch Laser Air+ 65 inch UHD screen will help take this to the next level in your boardroom. The professional display offers everything a modern boardroom needs, including an impressive internal sound system, a variety of connectivity options and that striking 4K UHD resolution.

Add to all this its enhanced interactive technology that allows the connection of four devices simultaneously, as well as remote technology that facilitates wireless touch, and you’ve got yourself an impressive boardroom display.

The boardroom is one area where it really pays to make the right choice with your display screen investment. If you’re exploring your options and would like more advice on what to buy, contact the Projectorpoint experts today.