1. A Guide to Wireless Presentation Devices

    A Guide to Wireless Presentation Devices

    There’s no denying the fact that when it comes to getting everyone connected quickly, nothing beats wireless. Cabled connections certainly still have their place as a backup or in certain rooms with static setups, but more and more people are embracing the flexibility of wireless connections in the workplace and the agility that they provide.

    The crux of the matter is that wireless connectivity really does save time and nowhere is this more evident in the meeting room than with wireless presentation devices. What looks like an ‘extra’ when speccing out a meeting room, fast becomes an essential, as teams see for themselves the difference it makes being able to share their content from almost any device.

    In this article, we’ll look at how wireless presentation devices work in practice and address some of the key stages involved in getting them up and running.


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  2. 3 Top Priorities for a Primary School IT Lead

    3 Top Priorities for a Primary School IT Lead

    No matter how many years’ experience you have in education, taking on a subject lead can be a daunting task. Given the mishmash of roles and responsibilities, IT lead has to be one of the most daunting of all.

    Perhaps you’re purely focused on your responsibility for guiding your school on the subject of IT and what to offer students. But maybe you’ve also been roped into choosing which technology the school should introduce into its classroom next year and how to distribute funds with maximum effect for every department.

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  3. The Best Enterprise Wireless Presentation Systems

    The Best Enterprise Wireless Presentation Systems

    When it comes to big business, it’s vital that every component of your company is a well-oiled machine. Nowhere are gaps or problems more obvious than in a meeting; with all eyes on the team, you want everything to run smoothly.

    Wireless presentation systems are at the heart of today’s collaborative meeting environment and this single device can mean the difference between a professional and impactful meeting and a major communications malfunction.

    But what factors do you need to consider when it comes to choosing the best enterprise level wireless presentation system for your meetings? Read on to find out more.

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  4. Connectivity for All Devices

    Connectivity for All Devices

    Technology is evolving, but our expectations are evolving faster; with the growth of the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) we can connect everything from washing machines to home heating systems to the internet and so to our smartphones and tablets. With this ease of connectivity comes frustration when we encounter a situation in which we can’t connect up our usual devices, be they smartphones, tablets or laptops, in the usual way.

    As the enemy of productivity, frustration is one thing businesses need to avoid. There is a very real pressure on companies - and IT teams in particular - to reduce and if possible eliminate any connectivity problems when it comes to meeting rooms. The end goal here is a meeting room that enables employees, clients and guests to connect to the audio visual equipment with ease and if your company has a bring your own device (BYOD) policy, then

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  5. Turn a Meeting Room into a Productivity Hub with Wireless Presentation Systems

    Turn a Meeting Room into a Productivity Hub with Wireless Presentation Systems

    Your meeting space can have a lasting impact on your team’s productivity. The layout and, according to multiple studies by colour psychologists, even the decor of your meeting room can affect the efficiency of your workforce and their ability to get things done.

    While you might be stuck with the drab grey or a bland beige on the walls, don’t let your technology solutions be another excuse for reduced productivity. If you want to get the best from your team, maximise your meeting room’s potential with wireless presentation systems to enable colleagues to collaborate easily.

    Technology Giveth Stress … and it Taketh Away

    Barco research, which measured employee stress levels in the workplace, found that th

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  6. Technology that Enables Collaboration

    Technology that Enables Collaboration

    Collaborating as a team can be both rewarding for employees and profitable for business. Research by Deloitte Australia highlighted the worth of group participation in a study titled The Collaborative Economy: Unlocking The Power of the Workplace Crowd, in which it revealed that businesses that place collaboration high on their agenda are twice as likely to be profitable and twice as likely to outgrow their competitors.  

    Technology has been instrumental in the rise of collaboration as workers can now exchange content for feedback or share their input instantly with colleagues onsite and those working remotely from almost anywhere in the world. Development in the ease with which teams can access and engage with technology has further changed the way teams collaborate, promoting a

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  7. You've Bought a Screen for Your Meeting Room - What's Next?

    You've Bought a Screen for Your Meeting Room - What's Next?

    Whether you purchased an interactive touchscreen, or a 65-inch 4K UHD display, there is a plethora of technology solutions on the market that will help you to get the most out of the focal point of your meeting room.

    Back to Basics

    The obvious first question - which you will have considered prior to purchasing your screen (what do you mean you didn’t? Quick read our guide on choosing the right display for your meeting room here) - is where is the screen going to go and how will you install it?

    Most flat-panel displays in meeting room can be installed with a mount and there are plenty of options to suit your needs, from flat wall mounts to tilting wall mounts, articulating wall mounts, and mobile trolley mounts - which you select will depend on how you intend to use your screen.

    If your flat-panel is designed to be a permanent fixture and t

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  8. Meeting Room Connectivity – Wireless and Faceplates

    Meeting Room Connectivity – Wireless and Faceplates

    Nearly everyone knows how frustrating it is to be in a professional situation where you need to use a display screen but you’re prevented from doing so by what should be simple-to-fix connectivity issues. In fact a 2016 Barco study found that nine in ten office workers experience stress in a meeting as a direct result of technical issues; one of the main challenges cited by employees here was the struggle in finding

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