See Barco’s ClickShare CSE-800 Flagship in Action

Since its official appearance at ISE 2017, the CSE-800 has been making waves in the business tech world.

As the latest addition to the Barco ClickShare family, it features all the earlier ClickShare functionality but ramps it up to enterprise level.

We’ve long championed these products as quite possibly the best content sharing and collaboration solution on the market. (We have them in our own meeting rooms as proof!)

Now the arrival of our brand new ClickShare CSE-800 demo unit this month affords us the ideal opportunity to applaud the success of the collection’s most comprehensive offering once again … and invite you over to take a look!

An Intro to ClickShare

If you’re not already familiar with Barco’s ClickShare range, this famous family of products is arguably the most successful collaboration tool to enter the meeting room sector in recent years and it’s a definite winner in our eyes.

The ClickShare range makes it possible for meeting attendees to connect, share and display their own content on the shared meeting room display screen with just a single click of a ClickShare button.

Removing the need for cables, set up and delays, this system has already transformed the way companies do business, removing complications and encouraging collaboration.

The CSE-800

There are a number of products available within the ClickShare range but the CSE-800 is the definitive package. So what’s new? To start with, up to eight people can share content simultaneously split between two display screens, while up to 64 users can be connected to a base unit and ready to share at any time.

This feature alone makes the CSE-800 ideal for large meetings or even conferences, where attendees can feel part of the discussions regardless of where they are in the room.

Then we have the provision of two HDMI inputs and outputs rather than the standard one, making is easier than ever to display content on multiple screens. In fact, a single CSE-800 base unit can be used to connect to two 4K UHD displays so you can deliver mind-blowing visuals at the click of a button. Come down to our demo room to see them for yourself!

On top of that, the device allows two simultaneous network connections so you can link to both guest and in-house networks at once, all while using the CSE-800’s added security features of course.

As if all that wasn’t enough, the ClickShare CSE-800 maintains all the simplicity and functionality of its predecessors. Every effort has been made to ensure it’s quick and easy to get everyone connected in a meeting, whether they’re working from a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Want to find out more? The CSE-800 is now ready to test at our dedicated demo room! Please get in touch or call us on 0800 073 0834 to book your free demo.