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  1. Technology to Enhance Multi-Site Meeting Collaboration

    Technology to Enhance Multi-Site Meeting Collaboration

    Traditional meetings where colleagues get together around the boardroom table are no longer a necessity. Today, workers are able to meet digitally, share and confer while in completely different locations, thanks to digital technology.

    But without the right setup, what should be a time-saving, productivity-enhancing development instead becomes a drain on resources. Teams are forced to struggle with poor call quality, the wrong connectors for their devices or a low-resolution display screen that means they can’t share the content they want to at the quality they need.

    Fortunately, many companies are noticing the fact that poor technology implementation means frustrated teams and wasted hours and so they’re moving to choose the right technology to help with multi-site meeting collaboration and allow teams around the world to be more productive.

    Software Solutions

    The answer to the problem of connecting teams in sites around the world is twofold: you

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  2. How Meeting Room Design & Technology Affects Productivity

    How Meeting Room Design & Technology Affects Productivity

    Have you ever considered that the design of your meeting room and the technology you install could be limiting productivity?

    In many businesses, that’s exactly what’s happening.

    For instance, research from Herman Miller revealed that small groups of workers are only using the appropriate smaller conference rooms for their meetings 10 per cent of the time, opting instead to take up larger meeting spaces. Their reason? The limited technology available in the smaller meeting spaces.

    By contrast, rooms that are well equipped with technology are used five times more often that their poorly equipped counterparts. In other words, a poorly designed meeting room is limiting collaborative efforts in your business and taking up space.

    The meeting room should be a place where people and great ideas come together. It’s a hub of creative activity and productivity. However, when

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  3. After the Meeting: How Display Technology Enhances Productivity

    After the Meeting: How Display Technology Enhances Productivity

    Meetings are on the increase. According to a Harvard Business Review study, employees are meeting over 50 per cent more often than they did 20 years ago. But is the leading to an increase in productivity? Or is all this collaboration just making us lose focus on the task at hand?

    It’s frustrating - not to mention costly - when these meetings fail to result in any forward motion within the company. Unfortunately, in many cases, this lack of productivity in teams is becoming the norm and in fact another survey revealed that professionals lose 31 hours a month due to unproductive meetings.

    But where is all the time spent in meetings going? Well, the answer in some cases may lay in what happens after the meeting rather than during it.

    The Lost Art of Note Taking

    It’s a common scenario: you walk away fro

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  4. Resolution & Screen Sharing

    Resolution & Screen Sharing

    Screen sharing and collaboration technologies have transformed the way in which teams work together. Developments in meeting room technology mean it’s now commonplace for two, three or even four people to contribute their content on the main meeting room display screen at the same time.

    This has noticeably changed the dynamic in meeting rooms across the country; meetings dominated by a single contributor are fast becoming a thing of the past and creativity and productivity are rising as more and more team members have the ability to share their own content and feel confident in doing so.

    But all this can be brought to a grinding halt if the meeting room display screen wasn’t purchased with screen sharing in mind. The problem is that splitting the screen between multiple contributors affects the resolution. We’ll explore why this is the case and what can be do

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  5. A Guide to Wireless Presentation Devices

    A Guide to Wireless Presentation Devices

    There’s no denying the fact that when it comes to getting everyone connected quickly, nothing beats wireless. Cabled connections certainly still have their place as a backup or in certain rooms with static setups, but more and more people are embracing the flexibility of wireless connections in the workplace and the agility that they provide.

    The crux of the matter is that wireless connectivity really does save time and nowhere is this more evident in the meeting room than with wireless presentation devices. W

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  6. How to Choose the Right Touchscreen for Your Business

    How to Choose the Right Touchscreen for Your Business

    The touchscreen smartphone is only nine years old, yet the simplicity of this tactile technology is so ingrained in individuals’ daily lives – both at work and in leisure time – that it’s difficult to recall when touchscreen tech wasn’t the norm.

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  7. Connectivity for All Devices

    Connectivity for All Devices

    Technology is evolving, but our expectations are evolving faster; with the growth of the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) we can connect everything from washing machines to home heating systems to the internet and so to our smartphones and tablets. With this ease of connectivity comes frustration when we encounter a situation in which we can’t connect up our usual devices, be they smartphones, tablets or laptops, in the usual way.

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  8. You've Just Moved into a New Office – What do You Buy First?

    You've Just Moved into a New Office – What do You Buy First?

    With a blank canvas for an office space, the sky’s the limit. You’ve got a great opportunity to put your company’s stamp on a space and really reflect and amplify your business’ ethos through the layout, design and, crucially, functionality of your new office.

    But where do you start? In this article, we’ll talk you through the business essentials, such as display screens, communication and connectivity solutions and collaboration tools that will have your office fully equipped and up and running ready to welcome clients in no time. Then it’s over to you to apply the tools to your office to create a space that helps drive productivity and creativity levels to the max.

    Meeting Room Mentality

    While the layout of your office floor space will dictate the design and layout of your meeting rooms to an extent, there are certain things that you will want to pri

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  9. Designing a Meeting Room Solution for Project Management Meetings

    Designing a Meeting Room Solution for Project Management Meetings

    The key to designing a meeting room for project management meetings is really understanding what your project managers do. Don’t even think about making a purchase before you’ve sat down with a project manager to outline their job role and responsibilities.

    Remember, they don’t necessarily know what they need from you to get the job done, but they do know how to get the job done, so sit back, listen and take notes on their key responsibilities and details of their role.

    Whether you have a dedicated space for project management meetings or your project managers use a shared meeting room, understanding their role down to the minute details is essential before you can create a checklist of the a

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  10. Your Company Went BYOD – What Does this Mean for Your Meeting Room?

    Your Company Went BYOD – What Does this Mean for Your Meeting Room?

    As more and more employees sync up their personal smartphones, tablets and laptops with their work correspondence, BYOD, or ‘bring your own device’ technical policies are becoming increasingly common in businesses the world over, blurring the lines between our working and personal lives.

    From a business perspective, properly managed, this brings some enormous benefits. However, the unpredictability of the multiple operating systems and connectivity ports that inevitably comes with such a variety of devices, cre

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