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  1. The Best 4K Screens for the Boardroom

    The Best 4K Screens for the Boardroom

    The boardroom isn’t just a place of work; nowadays visitors expect boardrooms to showcase the company’s modern and dynamic culture. It’s this need to impress that is making it increasingly important for businesses to kit out their nerve centre with state of the art equipment.

    And what could be more impressive than a stunning 4K display screen as the focal point for your board meetings? Read on for our top picks of 4K screens for the boardroom – as chosen by the Displaypoint experts.

    The Best Value 4K Screen for the Boardroom

    Sony FW-49XE8001

    Designed to deliver impressive visuals without requiring a hefty budget, the Sony FW-49XE8001 is a popul

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  2. You've Just Moved into a New Office – What do You Buy First?

    You've Just Moved into a New Office – What do You Buy First?

    With a blank canvas for an office space, the sky’s the limit. You’ve got a great opportunity to put your company’s stamp on a space and really reflect and amplify your business’ ethos through the layout, design and, crucially, functionality of your new office.

    But where do you start? In this article, we’ll talk you through the business essentials, such as display screens, communication and connectivity solutions and collaboration tools that will have your office fully equipped and up and running ready to welcome clients in no time. Then it’s over to you to apply the tools to your office to create a space that helps drive productivity and creativity levels to the max.

    Meeting Room Mentality

    While the layout of your office floor space will dictate the design and layout of your meeting rooms to an extent, there are certain things that you will want to pri

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  3. Boardroom Technology - For Meetings With Impact

    Boardroom Technology - For Meetings With Impact

    The boardroom is the nerve centre of a business, a space in which the decisions made will influence how the company functions from the highest echelons to the most junior members of the enterprise.

    Whether you’re at the top of a global conglomerate or helping to nurture a disruptive new start-up, the boardroom is crucial in driving the business in the right direction. Such an important space requires careful consideration and harmony between design and technology will be key.

    An Agile Evolution

    Teem’s Workplace Productivity Analytics Index revealed that nearly 23 per cent of meetings were ad hoc in October 2016, rising from just under 20 per cent in January. But most employees don’t need research to tell

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