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  1. How to Encourage Collaboration in Your Workforce

    How to Encourage Collaboration in Your Workforce

    This article will explore the tech that offers practical solutions to many of your collaboration challenges in the workplace. But let’s spend a minute on what collaboration actually is on a human level first; collaboration starts with mindset after all.

    We covered the wider set of attitudes and principles about our recent article on what is collaboration but here are the basics:


    Collaboration is…

    • A mental attitude where individuals support the collective achievement of goa
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  2. The Essential Tech Tools for Workplace Collaboration

    The Essential Tech Tools for Workplace Collaboration

    Here at Displaypoint, we spend a lot of time talking about technology for collaboration. You can’t blame us really; the right technology can improve the productivity of just about every business in one way or another.

    But of course, when you mention ‘collaborative working’ the image that usually pops up is of a group of people all huddled around a touchscreen. And whilst in a very literal sense that is collaborative working, we’re here to remind you that there are many different ways of collaborating on projects and a wide range of amazing technology to help you do so.

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  3. Learn the Meeting Room Technology Essentials

    Learn the Meeting Room Technology Essentials

    Kitting out a meeting room can be a tricky task. Get it wrong and you’ll a) never hear the end of it from your angry and vocal co-workers and b) waste a lot of time and money (and never hear the end of it from the MD!) It’s a high profile decision that will impact on your company for years to come.

    Even if you’ve done it before, technology moves on at such a pace that a little research can go a long way. So where do you start? What are the meeting room technology essentials? Read on to find out.

    People first

    You’re buying technology, but your decisions are all about people. Start by thinking about how the room will be used and who will be using the room. Are you arranging a meeting space that’s client-facing? Or will it just be employees and suppliers? What about board members and investors?

    Each group of people will have different requirements and your budget will need to be allocated accordingly for their different priorities.

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  4. See Barco’s ClickShare CSE-800 Flagship in Action

    See Barco’s ClickShare CSE-800 Flagship in Action

    Since its official appearance at ISE 2017, the CSE-800 has been making waves in the business tech world.

    As the latest addition to the Barco ClickShare family, it features all the earlier ClickShare functionality but ramps it up to enterprise level.

    We’ve long championed these products as quite possibly the best content sharing and collaboration solution on the market. (We have them in our own meeting rooms as proof!)

    Now the arrival of our brand new ClickShare CSE-800 demo unit this month affords us the ideal opportunity to applaud the success of the collection’s most comprehensive offering once again … and invite you over to take a look!

    An Intro to ClickShare

    If you’re not already familiar with Barco’s ClickShare range, this famous family of products is arguably the most successful collaboration tool to enter the meetin

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  5. The Best Enterprise Wireless Presentation Systems

    The Best Enterprise Wireless Presentation Systems

    When it comes to big business, it’s vital that every component of your company is a well-oiled machine. Nowhere are gaps or problems more obvious than in a meeting; with all eyes on the team, you want everything to run smoothly.

    Wireless presentation systems are at the heart of today’s collaborative meeting environment and this single device can mean the difference between a professional and impactful meeting and a major communications malfunction.

    But what factors do you need to consider when it comes to choosing the best enterprise level wireless presentation system for your meetings? Read on to find out more.


    Security is serious business in the workplace. With more and more devices connected to company systems, you need to be confident that your IT security is up to the job at every level.

    Barco is one wireless presentation system manufacturer that takes its emphasis on security seriously. Barco is the firm behind the ClickShare fam

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  6. The Best Wireless Presentation Systems

    The Best Wireless Presentation Systems

    With so many wireless presentation systems on the market, it’s not always easy to decide which of them is best for your individual business requirements.

    The truth is, the market has evolved to offer something for all environments – from the boardroom in the headquarters of a multinational conglomerate, to a new meeting room in an SME. Your choice depends on what matters most to you and your team.

    We’ve put together a comprehensive guide to the best devices depending on your priorities, taking into account their simplicity of use, the kind of content they excel at supporting, connectivity options and of course, the all-important question of budget.

    The Best Value Wireless Presentation System

    Vivitek NovoPro

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  7. Technology to Enhance Multi-Site Meeting Collaboration

    Technology to Enhance Multi-Site Meeting Collaboration

    Traditional meetings where colleagues get together around the boardroom table are no longer a necessity. Today, workers are able to meet digitally, share and confer while in completely different locations, thanks to digital technology.

    But without the right setup, what should be a time-saving, productivity-enhancing development instead becomes a drain on resources. Teams are forced to struggle with poor call quality, the wrong connectors for their devices or a low-resolution display screen that means they can’t share the content they want to at the quality they need.

    Fortunately, many companies are noticing the fact that poor technology implementation means frustrated teams and wasted hours and so they’re moving to choose the right technology to help with multi-site meeting collaboration and allow teams around the world to be more productive.

    Software Solutions

    The answer to the problem of connecting teams in sites around the world is twofold: you

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  8. ISE 2017: Touchscreens, Presentation Devices and More

    ISE 2017: Touchscreens, Presentation Devices and More

    Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) is one of the biggest events on our calendar; product launches, innovations, the big trends … it’s got it all.

    The industry show took place in February, so now the excitement has settled down a bit, we’re looking back at the takeaways from 2017’s ISE.

    Read on for the lowdown.

    Touchscreen Innovation

    Touchscreens are in demand. Businesses and education establishments around the world are realising their potential and technology companies are delivering with consistently evolving better products. ISE 2017 saw many new touchscreens announced, here’s our pick of the bunch.


    NEC’s latest addition to its range is the NEC InfinityBoard – an all-in-one solution to bring any boardroom bang up to date.

    Available in 65 or 84 inches, this multifunctional monitor is designed for conferencing, presenting and collaborating; it’s the ultimate interactive whiteboard.

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  9. A Guide to Wireless Presentation Devices

    A Guide to Wireless Presentation Devices

    There’s no denying the fact that when it comes to getting everyone connected quickly, nothing beats wireless. Cabled connections certainly still have their place as a backup or in certain rooms with static setups, but more and more people are embracing the flexibility of wireless connections in the workplace and the agility that they provide.

    The crux of the matter is that wireless connectivity really does save time and nowhere is this more evident in the meeting room than with wireless presentation devices. W

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  10. Connectivity for All Devices

    Connectivity for All Devices

    Technology is evolving, but our expectations are evolving faster; with the growth of the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) we can connect everything from washing machines to home heating systems to the internet and so to our smartphones and tablets. With this ease of connectivity comes frustration when we encounter a situation in which we can’t connect up our usual devices, be they smartphones, tablets or laptops, in the usual way.

    As the enemy of productivity, frustration is one thing businesses need to avoid. There is a very real pressure on companies - and IT teams in particular - to reduce and if possible eliminate any connectivity problems when it comes to meeting rooms. The end goal here is a meeting room that enables employees, clients and guests to connect to the audio visual equipment with ease and if your company has a

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