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  1. The 11 Essential LED Display Specification Questions

    The 11 Essential LED Display Specification Questions

    As well as the obvious differences between LED (light-emitting diode) displays and other forms of image display, there are some major differences between the different types of LED products available on the market. We’ve done our best to answer some of the most important questions when it comes to buying an LED video display.

    Hopefully, these points will help you make an educated decision regarding your potential purchase but you can always get in touch with the experts at DisplayPoint if you need some added guidance.


    1.    Is the screen fixed, mobile or modular?

    LED display screens are all of the above. Depending on your requirements, a suitable LED display can be configured to meet the needs of your environment and application.

    Fixed LED screens can be permanently installed at any location, providing a reliable form of image display that is well-suited to advertisements or sporting events, amon

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  2. LED Display Technology – What You Need to Know

    LED Display Technology – What You Need to Know

    LED (light-emitting diode) display screens are becoming the new standard for both outdoor and indoor video display. You’ll increasingly find these bright image displays in many retail environments, but they’re also creeping into business locations, offering high quality and impressive image quality.

    While projectors still hold an important place in the display technology world, LED products are becoming an attractive alternative; all the more popular due to new products on the market, such as the Optoma FHDQ130, which offers greater flexibility for displaying images in indoor spaces.

    If you’re curious about LED displays and how you might benefit from them, we’ve put together a guide of everything you need to know.


    What is an LED display?

    LED video display is a that uses a panel of LEDs to create the image. This differs to LCD or liquid-crystal display, which sometimes uses LED’s for backlighting, but not for the image

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  3. LED Display Technology: What is it?

    LED Display Technology: What is it?

    LED is now used for a wide range of applications. Ever since they were developed for practical commercial usage, they have become a popular alternative to traditional incandescent light bulbs of the past.

    Today, LED technology can be used for a variety of different purposes and offers a number of benefits over other types of display technology. Key here is its ability to deliver ultra-bright, high-quality images on an extremely large scale.

    Understanding how these light-emitting diodes (LED) function may well inform your decision when investing in a new piece of technology. We’ve outlined everything you need to know about LED technology below, but if you need more guidance or information about how LED achieves its impressive results, or need help choosing the right LED screen for your venue, don't hesitate to get in touch with the experts here at DisplayPoint.


    What is LED display technology?

    Light-emitting diodes (

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