1. The Best 4K Screens for the Boardroom

    The Best 4K Screens for the Boardroom

    The boardroom isn’t just a place of work; nowadays visitors expect boardrooms to showcase the company’s modern and dynamic culture. It’s this need to impress that is making it increasingly important for businesses to kit out their nerve centre with state of the art equipment.

    And what could be more impressive than a stunning 4K display screen as the focal point for your board meetings? Read on for our top picks of 4K screens for the boardroom – as chosen by the Displaypoint experts.

    The Best Value 4K Screen for the Boardroom

    Sony FW-49XE8001

    Designed to deliver impressive visuals without requiring a hefty budget, the Sony FW-49XE8001 is a popul

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  2. The Best Business Touchscreens

    The Best Business Touchscreens

    Touchscreen technology might be ubiquitous in the consumer technology space, but it’s still not seen as an ‘essential’ in the office. However, as the tech evolves and price points settle, this is finally starting to change.

    If you’re among the growing number of companies now exploring the productivity potential of touchscreens, read on for the pick of the best business touchscreens on the market right now - as chosen by the experts at DisplayPoint.

    The Best Value Touchscreen

    InFocus JTouch INF6502WBAG

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  3. ISE 2017: Touchscreens, Presentation Devices and More

    ISE 2017: Touchscreens, Presentation Devices and More

    Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) is one of the biggest events on our calendar; product launches, innovations, the big trends … it’s got it all.

    The industry show took place in February, so now the excitement has settled down a bit, we’re looking back at the takeaways from 2017’s ISE.

    Read on for the lowdown.

    Touchscreen Innovation

    Touchscreens are in demand. Businesses and education establishments around the world are realising their potential and technology companies are delivering with consistently evolving better products. ISE 2017 saw many new touchscreens announced, here’s our pick of the bunch.


    NEC’s latest addition to its range is the NEC InfinityBoard – an all-in-one solution to bring any boardroom bang up to date.

    Available in 65 or 84 inches, this multifunctional monitor is designed for conferencing, presenting and collaborating; it’s the ultimate interactive whiteboard.

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  4. How to Choose the Right Touchscreen for Your Business

    How to Choose the Right Touchscreen for Your Business

    The touchscreen smartphone is only nine years old, yet the simplicity of this tactile technology is so ingrained in individuals’ daily lives – both at work and in leisure time – that it’s difficult to recall when touchscreen tech wasn’t the norm.

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  5. Why You Should Consider Interactivity for Your Meeting Room

    Why You Should Consider Interactivity for Your Meeting Room

    Interactivity in meetings is essential for retaining the attention of your colleagues and maximising productivity and while teams and workplace atmosphere have their roles to play, technology is what will make the real difference in a truly interactive meeting room.

    Large displays that people can connect to from their own personal devices, high quality video conference and communications software, touchscreens that enable multiple team members to interact with the display at once … devices like these are key to improving colleague engagement and collaboration in the meeting space. In this article, we’ll expand on this and look in more detail at why it’s so important to provide the tools that encourage interactivity in your workforce and highlight the agile technology solutions on the market today.

    Uninspiring Meetings – A Productivity Killer

    Employees are spe

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  6. How to Choose the Right Display for Your Meeting Room

    How to Choose the Right Display for Your Meeting Room

    Selecting a screen to form the focal point of your meeting room takes careful consideration. The size of your meeting room, the functionality of the space, who will be using the display and how and when … all these points and more will influence your purchase decision.

    We have compiled an overview of some of the key questions you need to ask yourself and your team in order to assess your requirements and outlined some helpful information and solutions to help you to make your choice from the huge variety of o

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  7. Screen Resolution - Specifying the Right Display for Your Meeting Room

    Screen Resolution - Specifying the Right Display for Your Meeting Room

    Brits spend around eight hours a day – longer than is spent sleeping – looking at a tech device, according to a 2014 Ofcom survey. In the US, this rises to more than ten hours of daily screentime. With so much time spent staring at pixels, it’s paramount that workplaces, schools and universities equip their meeting rooms, classrooms and presentation areas with the right displays or else pay the price with a drop in engagement and productivity.

    But what is the right display? It comes down to screen size - which you c

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  8. What are the benefits of 4K UHD displays?

    What are the benefits of 4K UHD displays?

    Here at Displaypoint, we sell ultra high-definition 4K display screens. But what is 4K and what exactly makes it different to high definition?

    In this blog we will cut through the tech jargon and attempt to explain what exactly you are getting when you buy a 4K display.

    High definition has been with us for years and it covers any screen that has a 1080p resolution. That is 1920 pixels by 1080 pixels. Now there's ultra-high definition (UHD) or 4K display too. And to qualify, 4K displays have to sport at least 8 million active pixels on its screen.

    For screens such as TVs and displays, this resolution has been standardised to 3,840 pixels by 2,160 pixels. For larger screens, such those used in cinemas, this criteria has been raised to 4,096 pixels by 2,160 pixels. Essentially, then, it is four times the number of pixels found on a 1080p display and more than 23 times you get from an average, standard display.

    But how

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  9. Choosing The Right Conference Room Screen Size

    Choosing The Right Conference Room Screen Size

    When it comes to screen size, there’s a natural inclination to follow the old adage of “bigger is better”. And while in the majority of cases this is true, the reality of things is a bit more complicated. This guide looks at how to calculate the right dimensions for your space and use, and demonstrates where size really matters when it comes to display installations.

    Form & Function

    Room dimensions, the distance of any seating from the main display screen and the purpose of the room in question will all prove important when ident

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