1. Learn the Meeting Room Technology Essentials

    Learn the Meeting Room Technology Essentials

    Kitting out a meeting room can be a tricky task. Get it wrong and you’ll a) never hear the end of it from your angry and vocal co-workers and b) waste a lot of time and money (and never hear the end of it from the MD!) It’s a high profile decision that will impact on your company for years to come.

    Even if you’ve done it before, technology moves on at such a pace that a little research can go a long way. So where do you start? What are the meeting room technology essentials? Read on to find out.

    People first

    You’re buying technology, but your decisions are all about people. Start by thinking about how the room will be used and who will be using the room. Are you arranging a meeting space that’s client-facing? Or will it just be employees and suppliers? What about board members and investors?

    Each group of people will have different requirements and your budget will need to be allocated accordingly for their different priorities.

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  2. How To Create a Collaborative Small Meeting Room for under £2,000

    How To Create a Collaborative Small Meeting Room for under £2,000

    We hear a lot about creating more collaborative meeting spaces, for employees, remote workers and clients. But surely all that technology costs a pretty penny? Is it really possible to deliver the collaborative technology you need for just £2,000? Yes!

    When it comes to innovation and inspiration, price is no longer such a barrier. Technology that once was kept just for cavernous boardrooms or showrooms is now accessible for smaller spaces at an affordable price.

    Read on for all the essential meeting room technology you need to create a collaborative small meeting room, all

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  3. How to Create a Productive Small Meeting Room Fully Installed for Under £1,500

    How to Create a Productive Small Meeting Room Fully Installed for Under £1,500

    You know you need to sort out the tech in your small meeting room or huddle space.

    Perhaps the research from Herman Miller showing that small groups only use smaller conference rooms for their meetings 10 per cent of the time, opting instead to take up larger meeting spaces, struck a chord with you. You know it’s not that your entire team have personal space issues – it’s the limited technology available in comparison to the impressive boardroom or conference room setup where you’ve invested!


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  4. Hear and Be Heard: Why you Need Audio in your Meeting Room

    Hear and Be Heard: Why you Need Audio in your Meeting Room

    In times past, wowing clients and colleagues relied on nothing but a well-rounded proposal or slide deck presentation and a touch of self-confidence to seal the deal. Today there’s a bit more to it.

    Technology is progressing at a rapid pace and it’s hard not to notice the resulting transformation in meeting rooms and conferences everywhere. Video presentations, interactive touchscreens and collaborative meetings with local and remote workers are common place. But for these to work with any kind of efficiency, you need the right audiovisual equipment in pace.

    It goes without saying that a great display screen will make a huge difference. But with the rise of video, remote working and global conference calls, you can’t forget about audio.

    Why is sound so important?

    It’s a good question. Sound was on the side-lines for many years as copy and visuals took the limelight. But the rise of remote working coupled with the move away from simple slide decks and tow

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  5. ISE 2017: Touchscreens, Presentation Devices and More

    ISE 2017: Touchscreens, Presentation Devices and More

    Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) is one of the biggest events on our calendar; product launches, innovations, the big trends … it’s got it all.

    The industry show took place in February, so now the excitement has settled down a bit, we’re looking back at the takeaways from 2017’s ISE.

    Read on for the lowdown.

    Touchscreen Innovation

    Touchscreens are in demand. Businesses and education establishments around the world are realising their potential and technology companies are delivering with consistently evolving better products. ISE 2017 saw many new touchscreens announced, here’s our pick of the bunch.


    NEC’s latest addition to its range is the NEC InfinityBoard – an all-in-one solution to bring any boardroom bang up to date.

    Available in 65 or 84 inches, this multifunctional monitor is designed for conferencing, presenting and collaborating; it’s the ultimate interactive whiteboard.

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