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  1. What is Collaboration?

    What is Collaboration?

    In the professional world, collaboration is a MASSIVE deal in 2021 and one that a huge array of manufacturers are hanging their hat in terms of meeting room technology.

    But what does it really mean and how do you judge what kind of technology helps you achieve this mystical power?

    There’s usually a method of collaboration that can help you achieve a goal more effectively. Whether it’s working on creative projects that require dynamic input from multiple individuals, or annual reports that need to be reviewed by multiple executives, collaboration pla

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  2. The Essential Tech Tools for Workplace Collaboration

    The Essential Tech Tools for Workplace Collaboration

    Here at Displaypoint, we spend a lot of time talking about technology for collaboration. You can’t blame us really; the right technology can improve the productivity of just about every business in one way or another.

    But of course, when you mention ‘collaborative working’ the image that usually pops up is of a group of people all huddled around a touchscreen. And whilst in a very literal sense that is collaborative working, we’re here to remind you that there are many different ways of collaborating on projects and a wide range of amazing technology to help you do so.

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  3. Video Conferencing Tech for 2018 - The Rise of the Remote Worker

    Video Conferencing Tech for 2018 - The Rise of the Remote Worker

    If 2018 promises anything in the world of meeting room technology, it’s that video conferencing is going to become more and more popular in offices up and down the country. For many years now, the slow rise of the remote worker has been creeping up on us, but as we tip over into the New Year, it’s clear that this trend is here to stay and it’s largely thanks to improvements in technology.

    Ever got tired of waiting for the WiFi to connect on a video conference call, given up and used the telephone instead? Well we think those days are finally history.

    Why video conferencing?

    There are some fairly obvious, but nonetheless great reasons why video conferencing is such a valuable tool for businesses everywhere. The first of these is clear – it simply saves you a whole lot of time.

    If your client is based on the other side of the city and it’ll take the best part of an hour to drive each way, then you’ve saved two hours’ worth of productivity on a meeting

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  4. Learn the Meeting Room Technology Essentials

    Learn the Meeting Room Technology Essentials

    Kitting out a meeting room can be a tricky task. Get it wrong and you’ll a) never hear the end of it from your angry and vocal co-workers and b) waste a lot of time and money (and never hear the end of it from the MD!) It’s a high profile decision that will impact on your company for years to come.

    Even if you’ve done it before, technology moves on at such a pace that a little research can go a long way. So where do you start? What are the meeting room technology essentials? Read on to find out.

    People first

    You’re buying technology, but your decisions are all about people. Start by thinking about how the room will be used and who will be using the room. Are you arranging a meeting space that’s client-facing? Or will it just be employees and suppliers? What about board members and investors?

    Each group of people will have different requirements and your budget will need to be allocated accordingly for their different priorities.

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  5. How To Create a Collaborative Small Meeting Room for under £2,000

    How To Create a Collaborative Small Meeting Room for under £2,000

    We hear a lot about creating more collaborative meeting spaces, for employees, remote workers and clients. But surely all that technology costs a pretty penny? Is it really possible to deliver the collaborative technology you need for just £2,000? Yes!

    When it comes to innovation and inspiration, price is no longer such a barrier. Technology that once was kept just for cavernous boardrooms or showrooms is now accessible for smaller spaces at an affordable price.

    Read on for all the essential meeting room technology you need to create a collaborative small meeting room, all

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  6. 10 Questions to Ask Your Team When Looking for Meeting Room Tech

    10 Questions to Ask Your Team When Looking for Meeting Room Tech

    When it comes to pulling together a great meeting room setup, some practical tips can be invaluable. There’s plenty of advice out there, but most of it focuses on the technical elements. So, what would the advice be from those who’ve actually been tasked previously with setting up a meeting room?

    All experts say the key is to start from the perspective of your users first rather than from the technology.

    The options on the market can be overwhelming but at Displaypoint we’re determined to remove the confusion and mystery for our customers.

    So, we’ve created this tried a

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  7. How to Create a Productive Small Meeting Room Fully Installed for Under £1,500

    How to Create a Productive Small Meeting Room Fully Installed for Under £1,500

    You know you need to sort out the tech in your small meeting room or huddle space.

    Perhaps the research from Herman Miller showing that small groups only use smaller conference rooms for their meetings 10 per cent of the time, opting instead to take up larger meeting spaces, struck a chord with you. You know it’s not that your entire team have personal space issues – it’s the limited technology available in comparison to the impressive boardroom or conference room setup where you’ve invested!


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  8. How Meeting Room Technology Can Improve Safety and Sustainability

    How Meeting Room Technology Can Improve Safety and Sustainability

    Whether you're working for an architects' practice or a construction company, as a contractor or supplier or anywhere in-between the two, we'd hazard a guess that some of your targets revolve around safety and sustainability.

    But even with so much industry attention on these two watchwords, it's not always easy (or cheap) to make the necessary improvements to working practices to hit targets.

    Technology is changing this, especially for architects. Simple adjustments and additions to your meeting room can transform the way in which you interact with clients, co-workers and

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  9. How Architects Can Win More Business with Meeting Room Technology

    How Architects Can Win More Business with Meeting Room Technology

    Technology is changing the way we do business. Processes are becoming faster and slicker. Clients have increasingly high expectations and the millennial generation of employees are integrating gadgetry into every area of the office – whether we like it or not.

    Architects cannot ignore this change any longer. Practices across the country are harnessing the power of the latest technology to wow potential and existing clients.

    Is it time for your company to catch up and become a pitching powerhouse?

    Nice Pitch

    The potential for technology to drive up efficiency and drive down costs is enormous. But our focus here is purely on its potential to impress.

    Whether you deal with public sector projects, infrastructure builds, residential developments or luxury 'one-of-a-kinds', you'll know there are certain key things your clients want to see from you and your team during a pitch.

    1.     Style

    Your work is creative, clients want to se

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  10. Beyond your Meeting Room: How to Make an Impact

    Beyond your Meeting Room: How to Make an Impact

    It’s one thing trying to impress your clients on your home turf. But when you move out of a familiar work environment it can be a challenge to show the same confidence and streamlined delivery when you don’t know the meeting room setup you’ll be working with.

    However, there are a number of things you can do with your own meeting room environment which can actually have a huge impact on your efficiency and organisation when presenting externally. We’ve taken an in-depth look at how you can use your touchscreen display and conference technology to make life easier for yourself even when you’re in an unfamiliar environment.

    From team meeting to client meeting

    The obvious challenge is how you and your team can use the top of the range touchscreen and collaborative technology in your own meeting room and convey all of that resulting creativity at the client presentation.

    For simple, small documents, this can be as easy as sending an email with an attachmen

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