Introducing Sony’s New XE8000 & XE9000 Series

Sony has remained at the forefront of 4K technology development since it was first introduced into the market, and the brand’s latest product releases highlight its continued devotion to innovation.

We’ve taken a look at Sony’s new XE8000 range and XE9000 range to find out what these celebrated new product launches have to offer in an increasingly competitive display industry.

The XE8000 Range

Cost effective but capable of making an impact, the XE8000 series of Sony displays all feature 4K UHD resolution and span from a comfortable 43 inches to an impressive 55 inches. Ideal for consumers seeking Sony’s top-level 4K image without a high price tag, this budget-friendly range still features Sony’s flagship LCD Triluminous display, which uses LED lighting to deliver top picture quality.

These industry-leading displays also feature Android TV, for easy personalisation and control over content, and Google Cast, which makes it easy to send and display content from a huge range of devices - always handy in meetings.

Another benefit of the new series (which also applies to the XE9000 range below) is software compatibility from Sony’s exclusive digital signage partner, TDM. This technology allows businesses to deliver specifically targeted, media-rich messages that are easy to manage remotely via mobile or static devices.

The XE9000 Range

The next level up in terms of both image quality and features, the XE9000 series spans from 49 inches to a dramatic 75 inches. While the XE9000 displays match Sony’s other new products in terms of colour technology (relying on Triluminous once again) and other features, they take things up a level when it comes to brightness.

Unlike the 8000 range, which produces brightness levels of up to 450 cd/m2, this more advanced range extends to 650 cd/m2, for more engaging and impactful content delivery in brighter environments.

Capable of delivering the same digital signage content via TDM as the 8000 range, the XE9000 series also delivers additional options through an in-built TV tuner.

Overall, both new series provide professional users with access to top 4K UHD technology without the usual top-end budgets. Just like the Sony products they supersede, each delivers a combination of Sony’s state-of-the-art design and professional display features to create a fully immersive meeting room or digital signage experience that secures the brand’s place as leaders in the market.